need help selecting light for closet

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by JamisDakarXLT, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Yo, I need some help selecting what size hid light I should put in my grow room!
    Measurments are 5'4"h x 2'3"d x 3'4"w and I am planing on using 3 or 4 bubble buckets.
    I have a bunch of 145 cfm pc fans that will be usd for cooling and ventalation. I plan on using a cooltube or a fan cooled glass bottom hood with the intake and exhaust entering and exiting from a seperate room. I am going to be using ice melt or an ac unit to keep temps and humidty down.

    So....with the ceiling being so low, am I safe using a 400 watt mh/hps setup? Or is it a better idea going with less wattage because of the heat issues? I reallywant to use the 400 watt because I already got a deal on a 400 w mh ballast and just have to get a hps set-up.

    Remember, I WILL be using a cooltube or coolhood w/ glass bottom and intake/exhaust from outside the grow area. Also I definetly have an ice melt set-up to take care of the humidity. I do have an ac unit available if things stay too hot.
  2. Deff go with a 400 especially with the cool tube. If I was you I would find a more rectangular shaped reflector to go with your rectangular room.
  3. ok, good tip!!

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