NEED HELP!! Robbed by someone I know via AT&T/new contract w/ free phones

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    OK - I will explain my day/what happened- but I am begging for help/advice and perhaps some emotional support/comfort lol. Now, its going to be tough, maybe impossible, but I hope, through my story, i can make it known and understood how I let this happen while knowing it was happening at the time... because it doesn't seem possible. So, while there was definitely some unwarranted: trust+optimism+good faith, as well as my own naivety towards the person and situation, making me feel like this was my fault/deserved... i did get robbed and feel like, though seemingly an unlikely/impossible outcome, i would like some form of justice, and hopefully to not get entirely screwed. The worst part is, it still hasn't concluded, and technically haven't been robbed yet. i can't call him out on it yet, because like i said, it hasn't happened. its in the midst of happening, and theres nothing i can do... i know a lot of this still doesn't make sense, so i will explain. the best way, is to just tell todays full story...

    BRIEFING So you can give me some tips as best you can while I (currently, as you're reading and hopefully responding) continue to edit post/add to the story. This will be real quick, just enough to hopefully start getting some answers (since its getting late and i need some info pllleeassee plz plz plz! lol by tomorrow morning)

    Basically, I was forced to open up cellphone accounts with AT&T to get free phones to sell, and will have to obviously terminate the contract since i don't need/want nor can i afford the phone accounts. Obviously this is missing tons of info, so i am writing it now, and hopefully you guys can still help while i finish. refresh the page, as i will try to remember to keep "saving," my work so it keeps posting the updates/edits. here's what i got now as i continue rambling on:

    Backstory/Motive [briefing]

    For reasons that ain't so good/legitimate, I owe this person money. He had a good way for me to pay him back today. He picked me up in what would soon pretty much become a kidnapping (not really, but pretty much if you go by definition) this afternoon. Here's how it went down-

    Today - The Scheme

    I have previously bitched/vented to him before about the large amounts of debt im in, and how it will probably lead me to file bankruptcy. Now, if his logic is correct, then i actually dont mind what i was forced to do today to pay him back lol, but... im not too sure. He, as he put it, was doing us both a favor, since it'd allow me to pay him back and also get a free phone, and not technically pay, since, once terminating the contract, id pay nothing for any months, and only have to pay to cancel the contract, which, since im declaring bankruptcy, can just not pay. Now, it actually seems like it could work. It also seems like we may have caught a break, pushing us through the part that prevents people from scamming the way we are... basically found a loophole, it seems.

    The Break

    We asked initially if we'd need a credit card, since i don't have one (well, theyre all closed or over balance/no available credit), and they, to my surprise, said no. Hours later (there were tons of problems on ATT and the other party's end - the salesmen in the store were fantastic and we b/s'd, joked, flirted, even had fun lol, etc for a while while the mess was sorted out - this, for what will be explained right now, seemed to really help...) once everything was finally set up and ready to go through, they said i needed a credit card to prevent fraud (very similarly [something had just happened with them, except they weren't trying to cancel the contract, instead they were saying it was fraud and it was really someone else or some shit?? not entirely sure, just remember it was similar but not identical to me)- from how it seemed, it may have been for cases like mine... so when i went to break the contract, if/when i didn't pay the fee, they'd have a credit card on file to charge it to, making it the CC companies problem.

    So again, i had no CC - initially they said no, but then said it'd probably work if i bought one of those prepaid visas (green-go or something w/ word "green" in it - actually sold em at the store i was at (not trying to give the name out - its a chain, like walmart, except not huge - but its not the at&t store... bascailly it is very well known just not huge, in building size). So, i got one. They said it'd just charge then refund $1, just needed it on file. What went though my head was that they technically couldn't/werent allowed to do it w/ a prepaid/any card without a name - but i also figured that, while it probably wasn't allowed by store policy, the computer probably allowed any CC to be run through, and since we spent so much time and actually became friendly with them (and also because i had tons of CC's falling outta my wallet, they were just expired, or, the 2 we tried, 1 was a closed bankacct debit, the other, which i explained, a CC over the limit/unusable), i figured they trusted me enough to just push it through - so long as they could get it through the computer they'd do it, was my attitude (a conclusion i came to working at a similar, sales/commission job - we actually initially went to the same/different location store, and right off the bat the kid asked for 2 forms of ID, and wouldnt do it after seeing my drivers license expired last month. the kid where we bought it mentioned it, said he couldnt do it. then, as i explained how the bank still did it, he said it'd prob work/go through comp, and he'd try [which worked - that event also led me to believe what i did about a prepaid visa working])

    So, the card went through, and i got the phones (got approved for 1 line... i asked, at friends request, if i could get 2 lines. he said no, and i, kinda forget how exactly, pushed him to see or request [idk how they do it] if i could get a 2nd line. he did something on the computer and said i could). My friend said he could sell them to somebody he knows for what i needed, and also get him to give me an older iphone... this is where i began thinking that i myself was being even more scammed by this scammer: -------

    On the way to the store where we were bringing the phones, he was getting extremely easily agitated when i was simply asking what was going on. he even said it was because it was "kind of illegal," what he was doing at the store, which, i didnt understand how, as it was a legitimate cell phone store. he wouldn't let me go in with him. strike 1. he wouldnt explain anything to me on the way there, just that hed get me an iphone and maybe some money depending on what he coulld get. on my phone, i saw completed listings of the phone going (not $ being asked, but what they already sold for), used on ebay, for ~$200. I told him this and he started acting like iwas crazy, and that wed still get a lot plus iphone, and were obviously taking a hit for the rush. hes already struck out a bunch of times, but another strike when he started getting mad when i was trying to claim ownership to these phones, which i was! lol - wouldn't let me keep them to sell online/craigslist, or even at a pawn shop i chose, as i knew i could get at least$150 cash eashf rom them. i could get enough to actually keep one for myself and pay him back... obviously he just wanted to make cash.

    So he went into the store. he came out saying they gave him $100 per phone, and i could get the iphone at $80 (so total $120+phone... i was only fine w/ it as i was seemingly already screwed, so since i was getting a phone, cool... but, i also oculd have gotten $400-500 [lower end if i moved it quick, which despite his selfproclaimed belief, wasnt possible])... BUT, Strike #829734823, he said they only gave him $100 now and would get the rest+phone tomorrow morning!! are you fucking kidding me!!!! and no recipt, proof the phones went to them... NOTHING!!! (because it was shady, as he said. something like he sends them over seas, value changes every day... all this bullshit).

    Sooo - as awful as it sounds, i was KIND OF ok with it when i was told i was getting a phone out of it lol. now that ive been shafted, im afraid of whats going to happen. obviously i have to try and call and cancel it all tomorrow. im pretty sure they have to/that wont be the problem, obviously there will be the fee, though, for breaking the contract, especially so immediately lol. Now, will previously stated theory hold up? ie- i have no credit, no CC is on file (no usable one, anyways) will they send me a bill, and i can just not pay it and file bankruptcy? (this isn't the only reason im filing so dont say im being stupid/overreacting - id be filing either way)... also, i know this sounds AWFUL. but... should i ask for a 3rd line and get another phone (and actually keep this one myself) for free, so i feel i got something out of it? lol. i know its horrible, but if i can and it doesn't affect me any differently than my current situation then i wanna do it lol.

    SOOO curious if he, 99% doubtful, picks me up tomorrow to get the iphone lol. well, id say 50% he doesn't pick up his cell or pick me up, 50% he does, but comes out of the store w/ some excuse.... whhattt.thhheee.fuckkkkk. another giveaway (ill think of more, cuz there were tons more along the way tonight) was saying that if he sold 1 phone, itd be enough $$ and that way i could keep one for myself, and he insisted we sell both and buy one from him cuz itd make us/save us money (which does kinda make sense, but same time not at all...

    SOOOO .... i guess im just asking for some tips/help/advice. what would you do? am i going to be affected in the ways i mentioned? totally different? is there any way to turn him in if i have to (would like to avoid, but if itd save me?)? can i open a 3rd line? should i? what would happen/change if i do? mainly though, looking for current info on whats going to happen tomorrow, whether or not he picks me up to finish it (again, 50% he doesn't pick me up, 99% he either doesnt, or does but has a scheme as to why he didnt get ne a phonem or anhtnig

    saving... still writing (not sure if this is the case anymore, though i actually very well might, depending on if i think of anything else, or decide to clean the story up a bit... really just wanted to throw together as quick as possible for fastest responses)

  2. huh? somehow, my 897238947283742 word post makes way more sense than yours! lmao. (im kinda joking, i know its kind of confusing, but... i dont think it was that difficult to understand lol
  3. Why didn't you just write the whole story at once and then post?
  4. What good is a random cell phone going to do you anyway? Once you file bankruptcy it's unlikely anyone will put you through for a cell line, and you can't just use any phone with prepaid plans.
  5. sorry man I'm too lazy to read all of that...

    gettin' robbed, talk to the cops if you're that concerned. They can be useful sometimes

  6. was hoping that w/ the briefing i did initially i may get some responses while i finished, since its late at night i wanted people to see this before signing off the boards/going to bed. especially since im cut for time (kinda need to know whats up by the morning

    its not a random cell phone, i would put my simcard from my real AT&T into it from my shitbox phone and actually have a good phone. And, surprisingly (im as shocked as you), if you read my story, apparently credit doesnt matter with getting a cell phone. i have NONE (young w/ thousands in debt) and they didnt do a credit check/i got a phone (2, actually, lol)

    not that easy, really, especially when they ask how it happened and i say that i willingly went with him, in his car, with him in the store, and opened up cell phones with my information... all me
  7. Plus you might not even be eligible for bankruptcy. There are requirements. If you file under Chapter 7, most of your assets will be seized (got a a car? That's gone) and used to pay a portion of your debt. Unless you fall under the median income in your state, you're not eligible for this. In that case, you can file a Chapter 7, but that's not really the same thing. Under this, you still have to pay all that money back, you just get to do so in installments over several years.

    To file for either, you have to submit past tax returns; Under Chapter 13, you have to submit the last for years, for Chapter 7, only the previous year. You also need a photo ID, evidence of earnings and that sort of thing, and here's the crusher, you also have to submit proof that you've attended credit counciling.

    Read more here: Consumer Action :: Personal Bankruptcy - Your financial fresh start (English)
  8. yeah i didnt read it, so it sounds like you did something illegal

    now you go to guantanimo bay and eat cock meat sandwhiches for the rest of your days

  9. Really? They ran a credit check on my with Sprint.
  10. i read almost the whole thing....
    but i really don't know the world of credit cards yet.. lol
    sorry brah can't give you much input other than fuck scammers...
  11. hahahahah.... so lemme get this staight

    you owe a guy some money... you got two new cell phones and two lines, wanna cancel the contract and keep the phones...

    NO.. you will pay for the phone's... done deal.. add it to the bankruptcy
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    i have a lawyer for that, please help me with my quesiton

    (im sorry for coming across as a douche - ive just had an extremely long/rough/frightening day, im being a sarcastic asshole to everyone right now... still though, i appreciate it, but dont need help w/ the bankruptcy aspect)

    again, ive been an asshole to everyone all day, so... ill try and not be a prick here.. but... yes dude, i am more than aware. you said you read the whole post mostly, right? did i not say in it what had happened? its not that i wanna keep the 2 phones... they're already sold, theoretically im "keeping them (though, technically im not keeping them, too... lol... fml) they won't charge me for the phones, they can't... tjeure free with the contract i signed up for... which i, as stated, cant pay... so even if i wanted em, i cant afford them in any way shape or form. so, that being said, im 99% sure what happens is i have to call and cancel/back out on the contract, which carries some sort of fee... probably depends heavily on how soon u cancel, what phones u have, etc.... im also assuming they ahve to cancel it at my request, just at a fee of THEIR request... thats kinda where im at, dont know what will happen or how... is that how it will go down? if so, thats why i think ill be ok, seeing as im declaring bankruptcy. also, if it were to go like that, its why id like to open a 3rd line lol... if i got fucked/fucked myself over this bad, damn straight im gonna at least get myself a phone before going down
  13. pucker up buttercup, it's COCK MEAT SANDWHICH time.
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  14. Thats 4, count 'em, FOUR, absolutely useless posts. rude at that, and not funny in the least. even less are they clever. were i not in the financial burdens previously mentioned, i'd (finally), this second, for you, donate my deserved share of money to my beloved GC forums just to earn back my right to -neg rep people who contribute nothing to others' posts, and furthermore, degrade the entire thread with posts like these. please, don't make posts like this. i have a serious problem, to me anyways. and while i know it doesn't affect you, if you can't contribute or help in any way, you can, at the very least, just... not comment... ??? ya know? just... not say anything? or maybe limit yourself to just 1 post of those in this nature?

    a (previously in this thread, not so much, anymore - apologetic, though still: ) pissed-off, more-than-usual asshole-version of NFloyd
  15. man man man your whole story just hurts my brain

    it seems like you made a lot of mistakes, from trusting that dude to doing illegal things

    i really dont know what you can do

    i mean you can just return the phones and try to waive the cancellation fee

    that would bring you back to stage 0

    but you already sold the phones? lol... so you may have to pay the cancellation fee after all

    i guess you can just file for bankruptcy and cancel everything, dont do the 3rd line thing, havent you learned your lesson? cheaters dont win in life

    after filing for bakrupcy and being done with the phones, my advice is to just stay clear of that other dude bc he sounds dangerous? and make sure that you two are even and you dont owe him anymore money... it might seem like youre going backwards but atleast youll be out of debt and back to zero (which is better than being in the negatives)

    i dunno man, your story is all sorts of confusing lol but i tried to understand it as much as i could

  16. Hey dude, this is a forum full of potheads; seriousness isnt high priority here. And I could care less if you enjoy my posts, I write them for my own enjoyment.

    You fucked up your life and want random strangers to help you figure a way to bail your ass out, why dont you man up and get your own shit straight.

    And eat that cock meat sandwhich while you're at it.
  17. I'm sorry you've had a bad day, but there's no need to be a douche (by your own self admittance), you came here asking for advice brah. But if we're really gonna go down that road....basically you stole two phones from AT&T right? Now you want to know if you should open a 3rd line and steal another phone? NO! God damned dude. I'm sorry you're in credit card debt, but that doesn't justify stealing. That something for nothing attitude is what got you into this mess in the first place.

    You can't really change what's done, but you don't need to open another line, and no you shouldn't. Take it as a lesson learned. And please do learn that lesson. Cancel the plan ASAP. Get out of this mess as soon as possible dude. Getting another line is only going to fuck yourself over more. Have you asked yourself what's going to happen if the store in question, or AT&T decides to pursue this as fraud? Frankly they'd have every right to. By opening up another line, for another free phone, you'd just be racking up your problems.

  18. lol, thanks, YOU DID GOOD! lol. best response so far, and it seems like you understood it mostly. Thats pretty much where im at, same opinion and all. My only thing is... is thats where im left wondering. is what you said what will probably happen for sure? like... the phones are gone... i need to cancel my service now, literally a day later. wjhen i call, more likely than not, they will probably tell me i can return the phones and probably recieve way less of a fee... what do i say at that point? and if everything DOES go smoothly with that (ie, no questions asked, they let me cancel, and just say "The (huge [almost certainly, anyways]) bill is in the mail... can i file bankruptcy and be ok??? basically, this is what im hoping for:

    -Call AT$T
    -explain as little as possible, simply stating "id like to break the contract for various personal reasons (wish there was a way to, without saying it outright, insinuate i was kind of forced/fucked over - not that itll help, just... personal peace)
    -they say ok.
    -they send me a huge bill for backing outta $140/month for 2 years cell contract (roughly a guaranteed $3500 (more... taxes, etc)
    -I don't pay it
    -i, at some point, file for bankruptcy
    -all stresses and burdens, financially, are finally relieved, except i now have NO credit... though its no different than with right now. now i can finally start trying to build some, which will help 7 years from now when credit is restored at a low point

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