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Discussion in 'General' started by UglyInfidel, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. Ok well this is extremely important and i need some help right away. Okay, well my friends just got caught with weed. They mentioned the names of people they get it from. I'm not one of them. they mentioned people that get bags from and one of my friends just ogt in trouble for getting some kid a bag and he got caught, and told on her. Well i never get weed for anyone but myself. If i get questioned by the cops, how much trouble can i get in, considering that i never get a bag for anyone, and tha ti don't have any weed on me now. Can i get in trouble for having it in my system? I dunno i need some help very soon. Any help would be appreciated
  2. Posession is nine tenths of the law my friend. If you don't have any on you, and they can't prove you've purchased it, why are you worried?

    I think you need to go to Norml's site and make sure you know all your rights. Police are used to "bullying" people to get what they want. Saying things such as "we'll go eaiser on you", etc. Don't believe any of that, and keep your trap shut. Also, under no circumstances, ever answer any type of police questions without a lawyer present. That's you're right my friend. And remember, nobody likes a narc! Go hear and read all of this:

    Also go here and find out exactly the laws for marijuana in your state:
  3. you're right, i have nothing to worry about. They have no proof what so ever, so i'm good. Even if someone tells them i was involved, there is no proof there... I"m gonna keep on tokin, cops aren't going to stop me... until they have proof at least. haha
    btw, thanks man for that link, it really calmed me down, and i know my rights now and i have nothing to worry about.
  4. Now you've got the right idea! And you're welcome for the link, there's so much good information on there. Too many stoners don't know/understand their rights. Glad it helped you out. No worries, you'll be fine. ;)
  5. im going off topicfor a moment here,

    luke, im loving your related yet not one line replies to everything :D lol
  6. Yea as long as you've got no weed on you then they can't do jack shit, if they do happen to test you then just say "yes officer i admit to the horrible horrible crime, i tried cannabis a party one time".

    Keep on toking.

    Going off topic but i wonder what outsiders on here reading this think..what do they think of us all talking about smoking drugs and lots of them? We don't see ourselves as wrong, we see ourselves as having a toke and chilling with our friends and music and having a good time.

    Stoned ramblings.

  7. lol

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