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  1. i jus got some blue dream clones from the club ....i planted in dirt last night and now 1 of the clones is leaning to 1 side like it stressed or something

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  2. Could you give more info? What medium did they have the clone in what did you do with it(I see your hydroton but what method are you using). What lights Did they have them under what do you have etc..
  3. were the clones rooted? rooted clones can uptake water but unrooted need foliar feeding and lots of humidity
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  5. ya they are rooted..... im using 400w hps...the air is circulating well with inake n exhuast fans........18 hours ligjt on n 6 hours lights off i only had plants for 20 hours
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    i have hydros and soil plants....the hydros seem to be fine and the dirt plants 1 was leaning....i put a stick in dirt to help it stand...the light im using is 400w hps..i do not know what light the club had it under b4 i got it....i have put the flora grow mixed with water in the soil...its just the 1 plant.....
  7. hps might be a little intense for such a small plant

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