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  1. Hello well we are growing in a room now and it's 14 feet by 12 feet. I have 1400 watts of light and I'm thinking is this enough. I have 1 1000 watt mh and a 400 watt hps is this enough.

    Please let me know thank you.
  2. put the 400 in the closet get another 1000 & light mover
  3. We have 2 fans going all the time and it's hot in there. 1 fan is on the ceiling and the other one is on the floor. The plants that we are growing are hash plant with a black indaca. We just harvested and got about 1/4 pound. Off 2 plants. We were growing in a closet but now we have a full room to grow in.

    We have a safe house were it is. With what happened with the family I thought they should leave for a bit. But they are doing great in the full sized room.
  4. sorry pal its freezing cold in aotearoa (nz) especially at night when my flowering lights are on, however i think u r under lit and if heat is a problem then maybe you need to get whatever lights you have got moving
  5. No way is that enough light,,,1400w for a 12x14....168sq ft.

    ideally,,,168sq ft.x50w per sq ft.,,,ends up with 8400w...or about 6-9 1000watters..

    For the strains you are growing ,you must keep the air moving,and fresh.. also watch the high humidity at flowering..

    The fan at the highpoint must evacuate the hot air out of the growroom completely,,,the one near the floor can be used to draw frash air in,,the air will move fine in between the two,,,.

  6. Regarding light, a general rule of thumb is 5000 lumens for medium light, 7000 lumens for max (that's per sq. ft). So for a 14 x 12' space which is 168 square foot area, you'd need a hell of alot of lumens - Multiply 168 x 7000 for max lighting.

    My 400 Watt HPS puts out around 50,000 lumens, which is perfect for my 15 square foot area. I don't know how many lumens a 1000 HPS puts out but if it's 100,000, you'd still need alot of them to get your lighting needs.
  7. Sorry, my math is terrible. That's why I'm an artist. My grow box is actually 48" x 35" x 21" which makes my grow space about 6 sq. ft. (it's 48" high). I don't think you count the height when determining how much light space you have. Soooo, with 6 ft. of space x 7000 lumes, thats a total of 46,000 lumens. And my 400 Watt HPS puts out 50,000.

    Now, I need to buy a fan and have no clue about what CFM rate I'll need (this is apparently measured by cubic sq. ft.) Does anyone have a clue?
  8. i am growing in a space a little smaller and fans are imperative... i am using a 120 cfm bathroom fan in the roof direct vent outside a 12" oscillating fan on the floor and a 4" box fan which draws fresh air in directly from outside. even with this i still am combating temperatures rising into the low 90's f.. i am looking into a 400cfm exhaust fan this should draw the heat out better but they are pricy...
  9. There's a squirrel cage fan on Ebay going for $46 with 2 days left. Its CFM is 465 which I thought was too much but now I think it sounds good.

    This fan also already has a 3-prong plug attached, the others have wires which I haven't a clue how to adapt. I'm willing to bid as high as $70 for this fan because its important too have good air flow.

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