Need help planting with no roots

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  1. Sponge cubes with clones in them and they haven't rooted extending out of the cube, how can I save them if I accidentally planted them in a soil pot and they are starting to droop.

  2. Just make sure you keep the soil not too moist, and not too dry. You can root plants in nothing but soil, it just isn't as effective in my experience.
  3. Pics please, and or mist the plants with water, keep warm 75f/25c 24 hours
  4. First pic shows no roots coming out of the sponge, still planted anyway and it starts to droop, is there anyway to save this plant?

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  5. Anybody have any ideas my plants are still looking sad
  6. Were they in a humidity dome before? 
    My recent problems with clones has been temp and humidity control.
    In my little "incubator doo-dad" I'm having way better results using a heating pad to keep it between 85*f & 95*f with CFL light. I feel a lot better about the looks of mine now.
    Maybe yours was just too soon to take it out and stick it in the dirt??????
    I plan on leaving mine in there until I can see roots, just to give them every chance to get as healthy as they can before changing their environment.
    I've never cloned before, I'm just blindly sharing my results this far.
    It's an idea, anyways. 
  7. yea they were in a dome before they were planted should i move them back into it?
  8. Like I said, I'm just learning myself.
    I think I would try to get it back into the environment it was doing good in. 
    Either back into your set up, or at least attempt to get it into some type of temperature control. If what it had before is not possible, maybe you could cut the bottom off a clear plastic bottle and set it over the plant and use sunlight to raise the temp and humidity. Just watch closely that it don't get too hot, which it can quicker than you'd think. You can remove the lid from the bottle to let some heat escape if needed. I have done this with seedlings outdoors to protect them from birds and overnight temps until they were strong enough to survive on their own. 
    I'm in the midst of my first cloning lessons, so I'm pretty much pulling this whole thought train out of my ass. I was hoping to read a lot more response to this thread from the more experienced - but I was thinking to myself that it was transplanted before it was ready.
    Myself, I don't understand why planting it in soil would make much difference, but for whatever the reason, cloning seems to demand more atmospheric control from what I can see.
    I hope you're able to make the little gal feel better soon.
  9. well you may have put an unrooted "cutting" or "clone" into a pot which in term your screwed man .....theres alot to say but that pretty much sums it up
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    Actualy that is incorrect. I know a grow shop owner and he`s old school when it comes to clones and starts all his fresh cuttings in soil, I`ve even done it successfully even though I prefer to use an Easy Clone machine. Since their unrooted he would need to keep the rockwool cube, starter plug or like a Root Riot plug moist.

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