Need help, plant pretty mature

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Emblazened, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. So my brother grew a plant on his windowsill in a flowerpot, and when he left for his college a week or two ago he left me in charge of watering it. Well, the plant is female, like two feet tall and buds are starting to form. Seeing as the care of this plant was passed on to me, where do i go next?

    I water the plant everyday, and although its not going to be great weed id like to smoke some. What do i do with it now that the buds are forming?
  2. keep an eye on it for pests, and just keep watering, if you get heavy yellowing you have a potasium defficiancy, if its a little yellowing on the lower leaves then thats mornal for flowering, if the buds only just formed you have 5 - 6 weeks to go till harvest time.
  3. Thanks man. Its pretty sick I cant wait until the buds fill out. If I just want to pluck a bud off and smoke it would that be okay, or would i need to dry and cure?
  4. You could, but it would likely be awful. Not mature and neither dried nor cured? Blegh.
  5. yea man, pluck a nug...just wait a few more days...if they JUST started budding i wouldnt..get a small but decent nug not in the center and cut up/blaze up the leaves wont get that high but youll get a buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..
  6. The chances are all you will get is a headache smoking leaves from you're plant at the moment. Also have you got any nutes at all?
  7. Nutes? Im very new at this. As I said, my brother gave it to me. I assume he looked up some growing info as I have but I don't know much about this. Ill probably pluck one nug when it gets big enough and dry it in a mason jar.
  8. You want to let excess moister and sugars( sugars that plant use to live, but smokes harsh) to evaporate... Then when they nice and dry that the dry stem snaps...well... how a dry stem should snap lol...

    Then you put it in the jar...

    Totals process if rushed... a week?...

    I've never really tried it because I dont mind spending extra 2 weeks for that 1st...
    2 weeks later BAM! 4 more lol...

    Regardless, let us know how it ends up = )
  9. dont pick anything off of it
    the plant is alive and it has not grown fully yet just wait and put the proper amount of chemicals in the soil with water and let it grow for at least a month or two. then you dry and cure it and you will have bud thats 10X better than what you could pick off of it now

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