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need help [pics]

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GanjaManja2012, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. IM starting up my own grow box and i have everything except for a fan..
    I have an old PC fan that i took out of a computer and im just wondering what i can connect the fan to, in order to make the fan work.

    It looks like this

    im wondering if theres a certain cable i can connect it to becuz im lost...
  2. i used a computer fan. Take it and cut the plug off, and attach 2 wires, one to red and one to black. Then run those wires into the computer and attach them to a yellow and black wire on a molex cable and the fan will run. Thats what I did, but I run my computer thats 20 feet from my grow 24/7 because I have 2 and the one I leave on uses next to no power.
  3. huh? i dont get it :confused:

    Is there a tut out there or a video?

    or an easier way
  4. or u could just buy a small fan that plug directly into a power socket instead of dicking about with cables and eletricity.
    small hydro fans on ebay.
  5. I couldnt find any on ebay?... think that they'd selll them at wall mart? or future shop:confused:

    Or if someone can explain the pc fan idea in more detail:smoking:
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    1. Find a 12V, ~0.3 amp ac adapter (cell phone charger, wall wart from an old device, anything that has a 12V output and enough amps)
    2. Cut off the connector on the fan, cut off the 2 prong plug on the ac adapter
    3. Using wire-strippers, or carefully using scissors, expose about 3/4" of wire on the fan and adapter wires.
    4. Connect the RED fan wire to the positive terminal using a wire nut, twist together
    5. Connect the BLACK fan wire to the negative terminal using a wire nut, twist together
    6. Test it out by plugging the ac adapter in, if it doesn't power the fan, the wires are reversed.
    7. Use electrical tape to seal it all up.

    Wire nuts available at any hardware store:

    Alternatively you can get fans that plug directly into 115V/120V AC here: Burden Sales Surplus Center

  7. Alright Thanks i will give this a try
  8. Post if you have any Q's. It's easier than it looks.
  9. find an old plug for some kind of adapter

    you have to run it through an adapter, not plug it straight into the wall lol

    i used one that was for a old cordless phone if i remember right when i cooltubed a small hps a while back

    then i just cut the wires, spliced the ends and plugged it all in

    you have to find out how much power the fan is supposed to get

    it will work with any of them i am sure, but will burn out super fast if it is getting too much power

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