Need help on this gorilla glue auto

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  1. This is one of three (the one in front)all getting the same everything. Fox farm happy frog with dolemite and perlite added. Fox farm trio at half strength once a week. Hlg 260xw and recently added in my veg light , viperspectra 600, for more wattage. Various leaves throughout have brown spots. Water is ro with 5ml cal mag. Ph going in is 6.8ish. Never checked runoff. Rookie grower looking for help. IMG_4081.JPG IMG_4082.JPG IMG_4079.JPG Maybe overwatered some. Also may have underwatered early on for a few weeks. 5 gallon fabric pots temps staying at 82-84 with both lights. 24-0 light schedule.

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  2. thats for sure over watered id get a fan pointed directly at the fabric pots and try and dry em out some
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    I like autos in 5 gallon bags. Those bags get full of roots and will stay soggy if not allowed to air out. Constant saturation can lead to potassium deficiencies and also chain affect. I grow in pure perlite one gallon bags, and still, bags of roots get soggy regardless of medium. You can feel the moisture by placing hands on sides of bags. If it is still moist that is good. Bags will get light in weight, then you can water freely and more is often better.
  4. Thanks. I was hoping that was the issue

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