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  1. They are 2 weeks old. I'm running 18-6 for lights 8 Cfls 1600 lumens each. Soil is oceans forest I mix in a bit of perlite and that's it. My first grow I did the same just with blood meal in the mix and they died so I took it out this go round . I'm running into the same problem but this time droopy leaves I water them when they are very dry so idk what it could be. Help? 81-75f normal temp 60-43 humidity . Water ph with no nutes 6.0

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  2. Sorry lol forgot to state the problem . Droopy leaves and yellow tips
  3. For soil you want a ph of 6.5. hydro and soiless mediums would be 6.
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  4. So u think Ph??
  5. Not sure but you shouldn't be feeding 6 to soil plants, should be around 6.5. here's a chart, you get a little bit of a lockout at 6 but your soil should buffer it a little so i couldn't say that's the problem but closer to 6.5 you'll have better nutrient absorption. i'm not very experienced either just contributing what i can.[​IMG]
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  7. Honestly that looks like more than a minor lockout. i'm just not sure what to tell you, my first guess would have been an issue with watering. I use the same soil you do but i mix it about 2 parts ocean forest, 1 part black gold 1 part coco-coir and 1.5 parts perlite then i add some mykos and mix it up with a little water. I've heard people say ocean forest is hot soil for seedlings but my mix is less than half ocean forest so if that's the case i probably wouldn't know. In that mix the plants are happy getting food after a week or so instead of waiting for the nutes to run out of the soil.
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  8. I seen that too so Mabye it's true . I'll go get some extra stuff and start a new seedling and see how it goes
  9. Are you poking the soil for dryness? Lifting the pots?

    I know it's redundant but I feel these are the two best methods for "knowing" what a pot or solo cup should feel like fully saturated, and dry.

    Organic or bottles? If organic hit em with an aerated compost tea and leave em be.

    According to the chart you may be hindering Cal uptake with that ph pf 6, which is extremely important to marijuana when it comes to its ability to uptake nutrients. This may be why they look almost malnutritioned.

    Just speculating here, but I hope I helped.

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  10. I poke and lift lol. Sorry I'm new to this so what do u mean when u ask organic or bottles? I'm gonna correct ph next watering.
  11. I started out here using bottled nutrients for my plants. They work, and can work great but it takes attention and learning from mistakes to be honest.

    After learning from mistakes one too many times I looked into organics. In organics, the magic is in the soil, because you make it by hand or amend (add to) it. Organics are straight water and teas if you feel like it, not much to mess up there.

    To each his own and I'm not knocking either method, but as a beginner I didn't try organics because it seemed too complicated, not really the case.

    The catch is, bottled nutrients kill organics in the soil, which is why you essentially have to spoon feed the plant. So you choose one way, or the other.

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  12. Oh okay I see what you are asking now. Yeah I'm growing organic right now to start off I just have oceans forest and perlite should I add stuff to it?
  13. If you want to stay organic I would research aerated compost tea. I happen to have some brewing right now for this blackberry auto.

    As a matter of fact, it's in the last bit of ocean forest I had left before I switched to making my soil by hand.


    It's simply a mixture of humus and earthworm castings suspended over bubbling water in cheesecloth for 12-24hrs. The foam is what you want to see, that means there's life, which is what you would put in your soil to help heal your plants.


    This blackberry auto was a runt, and I thought about pulling her several times but I stuck with the teas and she bounced back. About 3 weeks into flower now. Nothing but ocean forest and a bit of extra perlite just like your setup. Might I add, not a yellow leaf on her.

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  14. Okay cool I'm gonna have to give it a try this is my second grow that is doing this and it. Sucks to see them die.
  15. Yea I'm on my 3-4 round I think. It's even worse to see em live painfully through being overwatered and bombed with nutes by me, only to turn out male lol.

    That first grow was prolly the bone meal, shits hot and will burn your plants if you don't let it sit for a while.

    I don't have much more actual experience than you though so I'm interested to see how it works for you.

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  16. Dang that sucks lol glad I'm not alone. I will make sure to keep the thread going and post updates on them! Thanks
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  17. What kind of drainage do you have in those cups? Are they sitting in your run off?
    Make sure you have holes in the bottom and they are draining.
    I love Ocean Forest, but I do 40%OC + 40% cocoa the rest
    Perlite and Vermiculite about 10% each.
    When seedlings, I use cups over a grate to make sure they drain.

    If it were me, I'd poke holes in the bottom of those cups and Flush them out for a bit and make sure they are not just sitting in their own water.
    Excuse my spelling.
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  18. Sorry I'm late . But yeah I poked the holes in the bottom and say them on something so they wouldn't be just sitting in their water. Because they were at first . They look a bit better now just the tips are yellow on bottom leaves I'll post a pic
  19. I think it's time to start feeding them??

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  20. I wouldn't feed them anything but water. If they are in FFOF they don't need food, they need a good growing environment. They look fine, just keep watering when they get dry

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