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  1. So I have Some seeds that i plan on Growing but im trying to keep them under 2 feet and imma grow them in a grow box with 3 cfls that are 23 watts but equivalent to 100 with mylar walls and 2 fans for intake ad out take. any tips on what to do? i was thinkin maybe LSTing them with 12/12 from seed?
  2. you don't necessarily need to 12/12 them from seed; if you tie them down you should be fine.
  3. More light. 100 watts for one plant then 50 watts for each additional plant.
    Actual wattage rating not the equivalent.
  4. 12/12 from seed with only cfls wont be worth it.
  5. there is no need to run the lamps 12/12 until the plant is ready to flower so hold back and give it a few weeks. use and short stocky pot that fills the floor space. there is no rule for how many watts per plant because a plant can be 2 millimetres or 2 metres. aim for as much as you can fit in without causing heat problems but as long as you have 40watts per square foot of canopy you will get some good bud at the end

    you should ScrOG the plants, training the plants across a screen adds veg time without adding height. it also creates a thick carpet that spans the whole lit up area maximising light usage

    I'll hunt out some photos to show you what I mean
  6. this is what I mean...

  7. Alright thanks for the helps guys i appreciate it :D
  8. LSTing, Topping, and Scroging are your friends when you want a bushy plant. Look at the stickies and read up. By the time your done, you should have a gameplan. Be sure to start a journal so we call all help!
  9. Alright thanks for the help since i have little grow space i will LST, Top and Scrog my plants to keep em nice Bushy and Short :)
  10. And yes in about a week or so ill start a journal so u guys can see and maybe help if theres any problems :)
  11. Damn that light is close.
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  12. It's a CFL if I'm not mistaken, looks like at 125 or 250w. You can get CFLs much closer than HID
  13. Yes Cfls are know for not producing much heat so its not likely for it to burn a plant
  14. Top, super crop, tie town
  15. Thanks for the advice imma lst and top it and scrog it
  16. Get an indica, not a sativa! I have a sativa that is trying to take over my grow closet!
  17. thanks man ill keep that in mind cuz i just have a lot of seeds from a freind so i dont really know if its sativa or indica but imma grow it and find out hopefully their indica seeds imma do a journal soon so u guys can watch my plant grow :)

  18. in those photos the lamp was raised so i could see to take the photo. normally the lamp is pulled down until the reflector touches the edge of the screen's frame. the screen is curved so the growing shoots follow the curve of the lamp at about an inch away

    your certainly not mistaken, thats a 125watt lol

    yeah your right, although the leaves can scorch if they contact the lamp for a while, but as long as you have a tiny gap they are fine. a fan blowing through is still a good idea though

  19. i am haveing a crack at the same size grow box, just for fun and the challenge
    i havent put the set up together yet but have just sown some seeds ready so the clock is ticking. if your interested the link is in my signature

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