need help on 70w hps

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by stickycronic, May 30, 2007.

  1. Im not really sure what your asking, but Ill try to answer. When you are in the stages of flowering you want to have a "warm" spectrum ie: 2700K color temperature. Most, if not all, HPS lights emit this spectrum of light. Now for one plant this 70w HPS is pretty much the bare minimum, as it only emits around 5600 lumens. My question to you is, what color temperature is your env. light?

  2. its a blu spec but i dont have the cash 4 another the hps i have seems to b an orange colour? is this normal?
  3. Orange color when lit?

  4. yes and when it warms up it seems still a bit orange but not as much almost like a fire colour
  5. They are normally yellowish with a hint of orange.

  6. ok thanks i think i will buy a new bulb as there anly 4pounds i would like to get another hps but cant afford it at the mo so i will just try with what ive got
    thanks for your help :)
  7. No problem, just make sure you dont exceed 70w, since thats all the ballast can support.

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