Need help nute burn no mater how little nutes I put

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  1. I ph water going in at 5.8-6.0 ppm always under 200

    I used micro grow bloom about 1/8 each
    And I add 5ml of calimagic to 1 gallon of water
    18/6 is the light sched.
    I flushed the plant last night with 2 gallons of ph water and then 1 gallon of what mentions above and the nute burn is getting worse
    This was yesterday around 3pm
    And now this is now at 1 pm

    Growing in coco
    Feminized royal cookies
    Humidity always under 60
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  2. The damaged leaves are gonna die off anyway....the new growth looks OK...That's what's important. You probably have it fixed already.
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    I'm no deficiency expert but it's not nute burn - my guess would be a potassium deficiency which is commonly mistaken for nute burn. Nute burn only effects the tips of the leaf and potassium effects the sides as well. I don't know what caused it but if your nute solution is only 200ppm than it's not nutrient burn - any plant that size could tolerate 1/2 strength nutes or higher. You mentioned flushing with plain pH'd water - never use just water in coco because it messes up the cations - if you flush coco it's always with a 1/4 strength nute solution. How often do you feed and do you use just water sometimes? What is the pH of your run off? Do you feed to run off every time? May I suggest the lucas formula for coco - 6ml of micro and 9ml of bloom - no grow. It's proven to work well.
    Here's a pic of a potassium deficiency for your comparison.
  4. I feed almost every time if I see burn or the tips like that I give it r.o water. My ph for run off is 5.8
    I tried the Lucas formula but it seems to strong am I suppose to add 6 and 9 ml to a 5 gal or 1 gal container. I always water until it pours down maybe I'm watering too much? Am I suppose to give it water and wait couple seconds till it runs down?
    I'm reading so many things so its messing me up
    I'm just trying to get it to grow with out nute burn
  5. It came back I just checked this morning
  6. Here's a better look
    Even the new growth I got a close up on is burning

  7. I used to get something real similar to that,tried several things,& turned out to be a calcium deficiency. I thought I was giving them enough CaMg,but I was still using RO water at the time,and they were just not getting enough calcium...Finally,I bypassed the membrane on the RO system,and problem soon corrected. All I will ever use now is just the carbon filter to kill the chlorine,and let them minerals come on thru.
    I think RO water is OVER-Rated !
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