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    I just started week 8 on my mimosa strain. While checking out the trichs last night, I noticed a couple of amber ones on each bud. This is my first time growing this strain so I don’t have much to go by as far as how long it takes to fully mature. From what I’ve read, it takes 9 weeks. So I’m really confused. The hairs are mostly brown and are curled in. I really wanted to harvest before amber.
    I’m not able to take a clear picture of the trichs do I hope that these photos are enough to go by.

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  2. I just wanna make sure you ARE talking about the trichomes and not the pistils???
  3. Yes, the trichs are just starting to turn amber and the pistils are mostly brown and curling in.
  4. use this chart to help you decide its your choice ,mac, when-to-harvest-cannabis-diagram.jpg
  5. I’ve got a friend coming by in an hour to give a second opinion. This sucks, I wanted to do a proper flush.
    If it does turn out to be ready, is there any way to slow down the process? I really don’t want it to produce and more amber.
  6. Lol
    I’ve been looking at this picture for weeks now but to me, my trichs looked clear to me. It’s been about 12 years since I’ve grown so I’m a little out of practice.
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  7. if you aint to sure about harvesting ,,take a small bud off he plant dry it over a couple days in some where warm ,then roll it up and smoke it ,,,it wont taste as good as slowly dried weed ,but it will give you an idea of what the high is like at least ,,,mac,
  8. I’m just afraid that by that time, I’ll have a bunch of amber trichs and the flower will be too mature for my liking.

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  9. I usually went by how my fan leaves looked as well. They are definitely turning color but only as of last week (week7). I’d say maybe 25%~30% of fan leaves have changed color

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  10. well if you think it'll have more Trichomes getting amber ,and up want a more up type high in stead of sleepy .flush and harvest ,,but say you flush now for a week 10 days the trichomes will keep on changing color till harvest ,,mac,,
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  11. Ugh
    In your experience, how fast do the trichs turn amber?
    Like I said, I can see maybe 1 or 2 trichs just starting to turn amber/ bud site.

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  12. It takes bout a month for the whole maturing process to take place from first amber signs. At least I read that the other day. If you are someone looking to harvest on the earlier side like you are saying, I suggest using the pistol(hairs) to judge when to chop. The chart that was posted is a good reference. If all hairs on your plant look like the ones in the picture you have passed the ripening point you were looking for.
  13. I appreciate all of your help. Thanks, I’ll keep u posted.

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  14. I appreciate all of your help. Thanks, I’ll keep u posted.

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  15. One more thing, if it turns out that the trichs are where I want them, what would happen if I cut her down today?
    I gave her a light feeding about 4/5 days ago. She’s in non amended soil.

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  16. The smoke might be a little harsher, and maybe won't taste quite as good, but it will definitely not burn as evenly. and will produce dark ashes more reminiscent of tobacco ashes than weed.
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  17. This is a long ging debate in the cannabis growing community. Flush or no flush.. lol let me hear about your feeding over the past couple times, and are you using a ph and ppm meter?
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  18. Yeah, I put a lot of time into this plant. I don’t want it to b harsh. I’m going to continue to flush and most likely harvest within a week

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  19. I fed kind of heavy when she was first in flower then I basically was going w the fox farm soil feeding schedule. I was giving her tiger, grow big and big bloom. Supplemented w cal/mag and superthrive. Watered 1 gallon every other day and I alternated feedings. I’ve been scaling down in mutes the past couple of weeks and her last feed was about 4/5 days ago. Just water last 4/5 days.

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  20. id give it good flush today and if you have only been lightly feeding the plant .as ive said flush today wait a day and harvest ,as some as said theres a debate about flushing or not ,,mac,

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