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Need help making BHO without vac purge

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by prettyslick, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. Sup blades, so I am pretty new to making BHO. I have made about 3 runs so far, and each time I was very pleased with most of the outcome. My runs have come out as shatter each time, but almost such hard shatter that it is actually annoying. And for some reason, I seem to not get the flavor down correctly, as well as some residual butane. here is my process:
    1. I start by packing the tube (holds 1/2 oz) pretty damn tight but loose enough i can blow through it and feel air on the other side barely. I pack it full too. I fold a coffee filter in half, basically making the butane run through 2 coffee filters essentially. And I attach that to the bottom and tie it off and cut off the extra coffee filter sticking out.
    2. I then take a large rectangle dish and fill it with hot tap water (as hot as it will go) I take it outside, put a smaller pyrex rectngular dish inside the larger one, and then I begin my run. I blow into it once i run all the butane so any extra drops go out onto the pyrex. I live in a very cold area, so I end up changing the water out a couple of times once the water gets cold. usually about 15 minutes total outside.
    3. Once the reaction pretty much stops outside, I bring the containers inside. I put the larger dish with water on the stove at pretty much lowest setting. i have a thermometer to check temp, but honestly it is very hard to get it at constant temp. Regardless, I keep it around 110 and try not to go higher than that. So I usually leave it in this hot water bath for a good hour or two at least. I try to wait at least until the larger bubbles pop.
    This is where I seem to not do something right. Once I think its done, I use a razorblade in the pyrex dish to scrape. usually, the oil is so fucking hard that it just starts to chip up into little crystals practically. Really hard. The first batch was like this and got me high, but it did not look like nice shatter, just a ball of hard rock haha. It also tasted a bit like butane and hardly any dab taste (terpenes). Am I doing something wrong? I have read people do hot water bath for 12 hours or more, however I have also heard that once it begins solidifying, butane can no longer escape. I do not have a vac purge, so should I increase the temp to get all the butane out? I am more concerned however with the lack of weed taste in the oil. All of my batches have had this problem. And all you end up tasting is the small amount of butane left. I appreciate any feedback and I will gladly answer any questions that would help you guys help me. Thanks!

  2. I should also mention that the first run i used Fasfill butane and the second run I used mostly Vector but had to use Neon at the very end to finish it off.

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