Need help! Lost my ID

Discussion in 'General' started by Rap, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Ok so i must have lost my id, the problem is that in order to go get another one i need to go get the money out of my bank account.

    I have like 2000 dollars in there. my atm card hasnt come yet and thus far the bank has been nothing but a pain in the ass.

    i couldnt even get to my money yesterday when i needed to because of the fucking stupid holliday.

    sorry im just fed up at my self.

    Is there anyway i could bring my birth cirtificate, SSI, and other paperwork that would let me just get the money i need to go buy another id? so i can just say fuck the bank and get the cash out its alot easier.
  2. anyone please :(
  3. Check? Cant you walk in with a check and get money? My bank don't need id if you got an account number and shit.

  4. for real? ok yea i have checks and an account number. so am i strait then?
  5. this is a stupid question, but what would i do? write the check to myself?
  6. You need like a withdrawal slip. They have em in the bank. You write your account number on it, and the money needed. You'll see when you get it.
    I doubt they'd ask for id. If they do, explain your situation. Hash out your SS number if they want some proof.
  7. ok thanks man, im gonna go ham i got my SSI, birth cirtificate and all kinda other shit including previous deposit reciepts and customer reciepts. and if that fails i do have a picture ID its just my ID card from when i was in jail but i can buy cigs with it so i dont see why it wouldnt work
  8. Oh yeah man your set.
    Best of luck! :wave:
  9. yayyyyyyyyy much love bros

  10. lol this made my day.....same shit I would say
  11. nah man just put it in my name, thats how that works
  12. go to your local dmv and buy another one for 12 dollars. bring like your social or something to prove its you.

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