Need help looking fo a certian type of script (Anxiety/Sleep) Benzos>

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  1. I am currently on
    20mg/dail of fluoexetine (SSRI)
    30mg/daily of lisinopril (for blood pressure)
    Been steadied on both now.

    But at my last appointment me doctor asked me again how my sleep was, to which I honestly replyed not so well. Bad sleep habits and anxiety, which is mostly before bed, but often during the day as welll; So she put my on 5mg Amibens to get to sleep.
    I was wondering if there may be a drug to cover my legite depression issues, let me continue my blood pressure medication, and yet could both help with anxiety and make more restful enoough to sleep. ANyhing I need to consider or any other recommendation that might not fit the puzzle perfectly but are fun anyways??

    I love to get some sort yo benzos to use when I need them as an aspect of folowing asleep espeically, butIt seems the anxiety part my doctor is more interested about trying to figure out a new antidepressant, which I feel fulfilling its job well anyways.\\
  2. You got high or low blood pressure?

    It starts getting tricky around that. If you have high blood pressure, its not such a big deal to prescribe CNS depressants and medicines to enduce sleep, but when you have low blood pressure, you really have to watch what you take for sleep wise.
  3. yeah, I have high blood pressure.

    hmm, thanks for the advice, ima talk to my doctor about this stuff more, hopefully shes helpful

  4. If you have high blood pressure, i'm sure:


    These medicines can be ran concurrent with your SSRI's and blood pressure meds, under supervision of your doctor. I doubt they will write you a script for these meds, to help with sleep, so make sure to play the anxiety card quite well. As for anti-depressents, that will effectivily put you sleep, have you tried Trazadone? Or Seroquil?
  5. Get off that prozac man, that shits fucked.
    So many better ways...

  6. Ok thats what I figured. I havent trided trazaone or seroquil, no.

    Its helping me right now, so I dont mind.

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