Need help in Toronto

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  1. Hey whats up guys
    im in toronto and im trying to find an underground smoke shop could any of you guys point me in the right direction

    please respond ASAP

  2. Toronto? Look for the Friendly Stranger, right on Queen Street, by University Ave. There's also another shop, more like a restaurant or something, by Chinatown. Also, there's a park near Chinatown(can't remember the name, it's just slightly northwest of the Friendly Stranger though) where I was able to find some bud.
  3. If you mean headshops try googling jupitergrass, toronto hemp company, friendlystranger, iron seed and roach o rama.

    If your looking for a bodega or something along those line... your on your own.
  4. Bro you can go to the vapour lounge its a real chillin place n they have dopee bongs u can rent but if u mean to grab thats not goin down check there website
  5. Boy oh boy, I would be a happy cop right now. If I was a cop.

    Kinda wish I was now :(
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    haha no bodegas for me, last night we went to the Guvernment to see Deadmau5
    And that club and those girls n ppl were crazy enough for me haha lol I just wanna chill tn

    we stopped by Friendly stranger but they close early on Sundays

    im deff gonna stop at vapor central i heard from mad ppl its chill there

    i just gotta get... lol still workin on it

  7. The police know, they just don't bother because, well, it's Canada eh. Besides, we're not hurting anyone, and the businesses pay their taxes.

    There was a news paper write up not to long ago about them.

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