need help in DWC size restrictions!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by absurdist, May 14, 2010.

  1. hello everyone,

    im currently setting up my pc grow box. having decided to try a DWC setup, I need help in selecting the right size container for the rez considering the skinniness of a PC case!

    the dimensions i have to work with are 8''W x 17''L x 26''H

    I have a bucket that I could use, but it's only a gallon and I just dont think that's going to cut it even for one plant, let alone two

    having to build a solution is not a problem, if thats the only answer, but please, someone show me or find me a tub or bubble pot or some product that will fit in the allotted space and grow two plants to maturity!

    thanks GC, you keep me up at night!
  2. shoebox size sterolite containers are only 99 cents.

    If you are not pleased with the volume, and you like building, get two, cut the bottom out of one, and put it on top. That will make it deeper.
  3. thanks. found a couple that are within the width requirements

    if i stack them, as you suggested, how would you seal them together to prevent leaks? tape?
  4. You will have to get creative. Find some safe epoxy or something.

    I stacked mine like I described, but I never filled it past the junction. I used the extra height as a misting area.
  5. Another option I was looking into, but never did, was to take a rubbermaid office garbage can and cut it in half and then fashion a lid.

    That was my plan B if the stacking didnt work.

    You may look into that.
  6. interesting! i suppose i would slide the top one on the inside of the bottom, having applied sealant of some sort in the gap between the two... sound right?

    how are you planning on misting the gap, if you dont mind me asking?

    i guess the crucial question is how much volume do i really need to grow two plants to completion in quarts or gallons?

  7. Well, I already did this, used it, and retired it, it was an aerocloner. Just a 6 dollar submersible pump, some 1/2" tubing, and a couple of spray nozzles.
  8. did you retire it because of problems or just upgrading?

  9. Made a bigger one.

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