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Need help in Colorado with depression

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Kushism, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Unfortunately, my problem is depression. I'm 32 and have been depressed since I was 19. 13 years ago, I saw shrinks, I took Paxil, Zoloft, but nothing helped me until I started smoking weed. Since then, I never went back to a psychiatrist. Why would I go back to a shrink when the herb did what they and their drugs couldn't? So I don't have doctor's records from the past 3 years, and Colorado doesn't event accept depression as a valid reason for MMJ treatment.

    I've gotten better. Held down a good job. Saved some money. But this is all thanks to the herb. I've had to obtain this illegally, obviously, in New York where I live. I was hoping not to have to do the same in Colorado. Do I have no choice?:confused:
  2. Depression and any mental illness is not covered by MMJ law here in colorado... The only state that I am aware of that has MMJ for depression would be california...

    If your were serious about obtaining one in CO you could petition to get your illness added to aproved mmj illnesses but it would take months or even years to complete the process.... and thats IF they approve it in the end...

    Move to California or try to seek your card for an injury that causes chronic pain...
  3. kushism the only thing i can tell you is you would have to lie about it.... or find someone reliable a lot of people smoke here and i mean a lot id suggest growing for yourself and just keep it quiet so you dont have to deal with sketchy people
  4. so wait do you live here? (colorado)

    or in new york?

    depression is not on our list here in colorado, but i can tell you that if you tell some of the doctors(most of them actually) why you were seeking it that they would help you out regardless.

    in pretty much every case i have seen, the doctor knows why your there. even if you tell himabout depression he will link that with something that is actually on the accepted list.
  5. Thanks for the reply guys. I'm in New York, but flying into Denver tonight to look at apartments. I was hoping to be treated AND be protected under the law without having to lie about it. Otherwise, it would be the same as it is everywhere - unless I move to California (which I just can't afford.)
  6. im pretty sure you wouldnt have to lie about it

    im looking at my card right now and on the second page where the doctor signs off on your condition it says:

    HIV or AIDS positive: OR a medical condition or treatment that produces, for this patient, one or more of the following and which, in the physicians professional opinon, may be alleviated by the medical use of marijuana.

    so i think you would be in the clear! : )

  7. i live in CO too i got my card in about 25 minutes at the place im about to tell you about. Its in Broomfield..i dunno if thats in your reach, but its called relaxed clarity, I went for migraines and left maybe 20 mins after entering, all papers signed by a physician!!
  8. Just a suggestion. check out karmaceuticals. That is where i obtained mine and all of my friends. They have $38 1/8 specials everyday on stuff like GDP, PoG, etc. Also, it is only $70 for an evaluation by a doctor. Go to here for more info. hope you get moved into our wonderful state and keep toking. Karmaceuticals (Karmaceuticals) on Twitter
  9. im in denver too..half of the time in can check out hawaiian herbal health...they can set you up with a or check them out..1337 delaware will be happy you did..

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