Need help in choosing strain.

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  1. I have a 35 year old seed, well a plant now, it was the only survivor from 4 other seeds in a old watch box.
    It was grown around Pahoa on the Isle of Hawaii and I think it would have been thru many generations because the guy who gave me the bud had bags of it from home. His family still lives there today.
    Anyway, I don't know if it will be a boy or girl. I will pop a clone and see what comes out in a few weeks.
    I will need a male or female to cross. I don't know much about genetics so I will be asking for your help.
    What strain would compliment a 35 year old Hawaiian plant. It is looking good and I predict it is a girl because it is getting complex stem and leave structure. I don't remember the smell of the mother, but do remember the buzz, wow! I want some!
    Going to let it veg for the summer and then drop it with some regular plants on 12-12 so the seeds start making.
    My picks so far would be, Brian Berry Cough or Maui Waui regular seeds.
    Feel free to make suggestions.

  2. I'd germinate all the seeds, hope one is male, and pollinate the other females. Then you have hundreds of seeds with a pure lineage for generations.
  3. The exact strain won't matter much, most Cannibus that comes from Hawaii is typically sativa dominant. I'd pick a a strain known for durability and pm/mold resistant since you don't know exactly what you're dealing with. I'd definitely think about using an indica Dom strain, just in case your seed is some crazy sativa. Goodluck

    On a side note, careful not to over water. And misting your plants usually causes more harm then good, so precede with caution!

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