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  1. So I was having some problems with my plants and I figured the problems came from a too acid soil. Bought a Ph up and the problem was fixed. While I was figuring the problem, I saw some tiny insects on top of the run off water: I thought it was mosquito larvae, so I kept the base of the pot dry and I assumed this problem solved. Yesterday I watered my plants (with a high PH to compensate for the acid soil, run off water comes out as 4-5 ph) and today a lot of leaves fell off, top leaves are yellowing and some have brownspots, like burn spots. I figured it had something to do with the PH. Tried to flush and when run off water comes out. there they are. The same fkin insects I saw a while back.
    My theory is that they are fkin up with the roots of my plants, since the one pot that has more of them, is the plant with more deficiencies symptoms.
    I want to figure what these are and how can I kill them. Im two weeks from harvesting and besides of not wanting to ruin the quality of the harvest, I want to prevent from future contaminations.
    I took some pictures of the insects. All of the pictures are really zoomed. I used a toothpick as a scale, so you can have an idea of the size of these pricks.
    By the way. They are jumpy. They are gathered real close to the water level, but when in contact with water, they float. They seem to walk, instead of serpentine like a snake. And jump when startled.
    The big insect in the pictures is an insect I found dead nearby. I found 3 of them, so maybe its the adult version of these tiny ones.
    The pictures of the base of the plants are symptoms that maybe are related to this, since the worse plant is the plant that has more insects on its water. These spots are not fungi ( I scratch and it doesn't come out) and hasn't really developed a lot over the time.

    Sorry for the long text. And thanks for helping!

    TL;DR: what's this insect on the pictures? Are these harmfull to the plant / is there a possibility that they can turn the soil acid? If so, how can I kill them without harming the plants?


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