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need help, heart hurts after smoking.

Discussion in 'General' started by rxd, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. hey, when I smoked haschish last week and after awhile when it started to work and I started laughing my chest hurt. The left side of my chest, where the heart is.

    Anyone else experienced this?
    Anyone know what it is? What should I do? Should I not smoke again?
  2. happens to me all the time. I havent got a clue what it is:confused: i dont think its a big deal though.
  3. how long have you been smoking? Im kinda scared about it and don't want to stop :)
  4. i get that, but i'm asthmatic, and only when smoking hash funnily enough, but when i take my inhaler it goes away.......are you asthmatic?.....if not and one of your friends is, take his inhaler when you fell it, you may be asthmatic and not realise it, like my g/f!!.......Peace out......Sid
  5. yeah i get that way when i smoke but its not my heart i mean my heart beets realy fast but thats ok i guess i find what happens to me is i cant hardly breath sometimes i have to gasb for good breaths of air because i feel like i cant breeth and my throut is closing off and shit i think im going to take a trip to the doc i went to the outpashiont for it a few years back and they said there was nothing wrong but there a bunch of dicks over there they make the ppl in my city wait for ever and ever no mattter whats wrong with ya but anyway ya latter

  6. in fact I am an asthmatic :)
    I haven't been using my inhalators for a year or so because I don't need them. So I guess when I take one suck of the inhalator the pain goes away?
  7. Some people experience anxiety when they get high. It will cause chest pain and a pounding heart along with other symptoms. It's kind of common. The best thing to do is to take deep, slow breaths and just try to overcome the feeling by using the whole mind-over-matter trick.
  8. you can do a lot of things with that mind over matter trick. It's amazing how much pain doesnt bother you when you don't let it.
  9. its your heart slowly dying.

    lol jk. i dont think ive ever felt heart pains while smoking. theres been plenty of times, usually after hitting off a bong, that I feel like ive just been shot in the chest with a sawed off shotgun. Thats just my lungs caving in though.

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