need help guys! one of the leaves is withering

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by maxolahird, Aug 5, 2012.

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    what should I do? It was really near the light I think that's the cause... really need a help here.
  2. ...your probably overwatering.

  3. that's exactly what I though, if I stop watering will it go back to normal?
  4. yeah, it should if that is the issue....small plants can be tricky to water in larger pots, they're easily overwatered because the top of the soil will be dry while the bottom is soaked since the root system is young...I start mine in very small pots and transplant into larger pots as they grow....

  5. I'm pretty SURE it is the issue... every 5 minutes I was watering it... thinking that the light had made the earth dry
  6. ...awe, yeah that's the deal then. You should make sure the soil is near dry before you water again...the roots need oxygen just as much as it needs water. thing to drill into your head as a novice, "A neglected plant will outperform a plant that has recieved too much of anything." ;)

  7. it's not recovering man it's just getting worst and worst :((((
  8. It still the same and today is another day ;/ what should I do?
  9., will take several days to recover.

  10. It started to get brown mate =/


    Soil is dry already
  11. you need to learn the "lift method"...fill a similar sized pot with DRY soil...then, pick it up....that's your dry weight.... Do not rewater the soil until the pot is near the same weight as the dry pot.....if it's dry, then water.....
  12. You need to relax man. You have a long road ahead of you. It just takes time..
  13. I am just worried that the "dieing" leaf is going to prejudice the entire plant... She is like a daughter to me mann ;/ I ain't got no true family haha
  14. ...I know what your going through, we've all been there (well, most of us :) )
    ...the next time you start a seed, start it in a 1"x1" to start off....around 2 week, transplant it into, say a 4"x4".....after a couple weeks, put'er in a 1 liter pot.....the root system will be less likely to get drowned this way....and, you can bury the stem deeper due to any stretch that may occur....AND, each transplant will work similar to a fertilizing. You can do the whole grow with water only by simply transplanting every 3/4 weeks into quality ORGANIC soil, such as: Fox Farm's Ocean Forest, Roots Organics, exc.... way to look at it is, you haven't made any mistakes this far into your growing just learned how NOT to water. ;)

    ...good luck, and happy growin!

    ...btw, you haven't fertilized them yet have you? ....what kind of soil and light are you using?

  15. love you man! s2 (sry I'm high as fuck)

    Nope, not fertilized, but I'd admit I had that though.

    Soil is a substract (I hope that's tha word) that contains:

    - Limestone
    - Vermiculite
    - fertilizer (shit)

    pH = 6.0

    Light is one mini fluor and another incandescent light
  16. ...I'd toss the incandescent and get more fluors for the veg....when the time comes get a HID for flowering.

  17. will 2 more lamps do the job? The problem is that the light sockets are like this


    O => where incand is

    O => where fluor is

    so the more lamps more distance from the plant
  18. just bought a 20w cfl, is that enough?
  19. anything guys?
  20. nvm the cfl wasn't enough, just switched to a mercury vapor light 160w and another one with 250w, which one should I use?

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