NEED HELP. growing in southern California in august.

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  1. so about a month ago i took a clone from a og kush plant i had and just threw it outside in some dr earth soil to see if it would grow. and indeed about 2 or 3 weeks later i started noticing it was growing. as of august 1 its about 8 inches tall. my question august too late to start growing outdoors? would it have anytime to veg or is it gonna start flowering right away? am i better off bringing her inside??
  2. I planted june 29th, my clones started flowering on the first of this month. Seems like almost everyone growing outdoors in Cali is flowering.

    I want to give you my opinion, but it may be bad advise. So I will let someone else answer.

    Heck with it, I will do it anyways. It might turn hermie if its already flowering and you take it back inside to veg. It happened to my niece.

    Good luck.
  3. how tall are ur clones after veging for a month outdoors? when do u expect to harvest??
  4. The tallest ones (snow cap and sour grapes) started to flower when they were 26 inches tall. The smallest is my runt and she is about 17" (she was sick and is just coming back to life).

    I got 6 different stains, so im sure I will harvest each one at different time. I found that the best way is to look at the trichs, they will tell me when Im ready to harvest. So around Octoberish.
  5. nice. have u grown those strains before?? ive always liked snow cap and heard good things about sour grapes
  6. so today i noticed pistils all over my little baby. shes about a foot tall now. since i wasnt able to veg her at all really can i expect her to finish off normally. the reason why i ask is cuz a friend is growing the same strain i am as hers started flowering last month. (she started veging in april) will my plant be able to finish developing properly?
  7. It will finish off fine, the yeild won't be as much as if it had more veg time.
  8. cool thanks man
  9. I do not bring any plants from outside into my grow room. No way....
  10. Excellent advice. It could introduce lots of nasties to otherwise healthy plants. I introduced a wicked case of whiteflies into my room once doing that. But if you were moving only one plant in to finish it by itself, you could innoculate it and it may be ok. There could ge eggs on the stalks and leaves waiting to hatch, and also in the soil.
  11. yeah i decided against bringing her in. ima let her finish outside
  12. so heres an update
    i havent done much to this plant. just fed it bud candy weekly and supernatural nutes every 2 weeks. 28 days into flowering. what do u guys think?? ill get better pics next time

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  13. nice bud on a stick!
  14. You shoulda topped it in veg but it looks fine for untopped
  15. OG KUSH 39 days into flowering. never thought she'd come out looking this good. she's been putting on lots of weight and smells really dank. ill get better pictures right before i harvest

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  16. Looking good mang, you have any more clones to spare? JK :p
  17. nah no spares right now man but i got a hindu kush mother. im planning on taking sum clones probably next week.

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