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  1. You need to work the plant. Theres actually 2 stages flowering (week 1, 2, 3, 4) and fructification (week 5, 6, 7, 8). For the flowering stages its recommended to have a equal part of phosphor and potassium. In the fructification stages its better to have higher dosage of potassium while lowering the needed amount of phosphor! Check out my links if you dont understand ;)
  2. just so ya know... any autoflowering strian will grow faster but give significantly smaller yeilds...try fem. seeds no autoflower
  3. there was a thread recently about something in PVC (what buckets are sometimes made of) that changed something in gas, and caused plants to die and small yeilds, i forgot since then, but it was really technical and to complicated for me to really understand, it was a hydro grow also.
  4. if you are growing autos maintain a 20 off 4 on light schedule that is what a friend of mine and his lowryders turned out great :)
  5. 20 off and 4 on eh?
  6. just under an oz per plant avg 12" tall

  7. lol. i love this forum, most everyone is high and dont know what they're typing xD
  8. Thanks to everyone for the help. I am attaching my current grow; Feminized DNA Lockrock (not autoflowering) this is my first grow with this kind. It is in Week 4, but in the begining as a seedling as it was getting tall I had the light alittle too high up and it fell over and I used the sponge that you germ them in to hold it up straight, but it was an old one that had some kind of fungus (root rot?) on it and it damaged my stem. SInce then I have brought it back to life. See I have no prb growing, just BIG problem is not producing BIG buds. Check out pic and let me know what ou think. Still waiting to smoke the good stuff, getting impatient now. :confused_2:

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  9. Get the light a bit closer if you can, and get the PH down to about 5.5-5.8.
  10. Is a lower PH better? Tried lowering light but started to burn the leaves, so now lowered to 6-7" away and is still kinda burning the fan leaves
  11. In hydro, the ph should be between 5.5 and 5.8. As the plant takes up nutes from the water, the PPMs decrease, and the ph rises.

    I like to start around 5.5 so it can rise a bit to 5.8 before I have to adjust it back down. If you're running over 6, then it's fucking up your plants.

    Also, I'd ditch the autoflowers. Get you something that's crossed w/ chronic, or big bud, or critical mass. Those all produce fat fat buds. Keep growing in DWC. Load em up w/ PK in flower and drop all the N.

    Don't count flowering time from when you switch to 12/12, instead count from when you get the first 2 hairs. Then don't just look at trichs to see if it's done, make sure it's swelling up fat like the seed bracts are swelling, then chop it before it makes seeds. The plant will put on alot of weight in the last week or so.
  12. Thanks for the info, I'll start lowering my ph levels. For the plants you mentioned do they grow very big? I want big buds, not really big plants, do those grow big? And for the first two hairs are they the ones on the main stem or on the tips?
  13. Man the last one I grew was called fruity chronic juice. It's 90% indica, and a cross of white widow and chronic. I vegged for 37 days from seed and grew under a 400w mh, then a 400w hps for flower. Flowered for 9 weeks or so and got 5.5oz dried. It was my second grow ever. You can click the link in my sig and start at the first page and see the whole thing all the way to harvest. Plus you can see my current grow which is a 2 plant dwc scrog of yumbolt 47, (another 90% indica strain).
  14. Sounds good but I am impatient, thats why I go with the auto flower, yours sounded like took too long from start to smoke. Any suggestions on good ones that dont take as long?

  15. That's like 90 something days from seed. Before you throw the 1st one into flower, take a clone, then while one is flowering, you have the clone vegging, then you clone that one, flower it and so on and so on so you end up running an 8-9 week cycle. Plus you get a substantially larger yield, so overall you get way more bud, and you only have to wait long the 1st time around.
  16. Good Idea!, Do you have any seeds that you recommend? Im used to only looking at auto. By the way the nutes im using do you think are good? I looked up ur link and you are lucky!!! They look bomb
  17. You can order that fruity chronic juice from the single seed centre. I was really impressed by it. Vigorous growth.

    What nutes are you using? If you're in hydro, I'd use the general hydroponics "micro" and "bloom" 8ml micro per gallon and 16ml bloom. That's if you're using HID lighting. If you're using cfls, then I'd have to google how much to use.
  18. Not sure on the lighting but is the 150watt Sun System Grow Lighting. And the Fox Farm Nutes. I get my seeds from Attitude Seed Bank have you tried them, would they have the fruity chronic juice or do i have to get from where you get it
  19. The light is good. I dunno about fox farm, I know people like it, but not how much to use. I dunno about attitude, people like them fine. I'm not sure if they have that strain but it comes from delicious seeds.

    One thing about lighting. If everything else is optimal, you may be able to get 1 gram per watt of light. Most people get about half that. You may wanna get a but more light, but the 150w will work just fine.
  20. Did I read correctly when you said you leave them in darkness for a whole week before harvest?

    If so, that's your problem. I've seen grows with only 80 watts of CFLS, no nutes or knowledge besides light cycling and those looked better then yours.

    Not to mention nonautoflowering strains and a longer life cycle would produce higher quality buds.

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