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  1. I have been growing Mary Jane indoors but need help on getting my end results to look like the ones online. I have no trouble germining and getting the plant to grow all the way to harvesting, but only prob is that dont get big buds?? I do get some buds but not big fluffy ones, just skinny ones. I have added new nutes into the pic but wanted to see if anyone out there has an advice on what I am doing wrong or not doing. Really appreciate any info.

    Using Nutes:

    Grow Big (Fox Farm)
    Tiger Bloom (Fox Farm)
    Big Bloom (Fox Farm)

    Just added:

    Beastie Bloom (Fox Farm)

    Please HELP
  2. what is your setup like what lights are you running
  3. we need some pics of your setup, or at least a detailed explanation of the set up.

  4. I am using a 3 gallons bucket with a 5 inch net basket from the hydro shop, growing hydroponic system with air stone and fish tank pump. Lighting: SunSystem 150watt.
  5. here is a pics of my set up it have now and the results from my ast grow to show how they turned put small. thanks for any help!!

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  6. What are your usual results? And you should grow in soil much better!
  7. That plant looks like it got barely enough light to live.

  8. Your smoked...

    Hydro and soil both work great. Thats obviously not enough light. Your Bulb is either done and you need a new one or you kept the light way to far away from the plants. A 150w HPS should be more then adequate to run one plant in a DWC.

    Your nutrient line up is fine, its most likely your light. How many hours are on it? how far away from the top of the canopy do you keep the light? is it air cooled?
  9. The problem is not enough light??? What was drying is what I usually get at the end. What to do to get bigger reuslts??
  10. Imalittleteapot: Your nutrient line up is fine, its most likely your light. How many hours are on it? how far away from the top of the canopy do you keep the light? is it air cooled?

    Answer to questions:

    Hours on plant is 18 on 6 off, when hits flowering stage 12/12

    Top of canopy from light is 12",,

    Yes is air cooled , usually keep arounf 68degrees, same for water temp

    PH always arounf 6.5
  11. are the roots nice and healthy looking? If its drooping so badly n looking so scraggly there seems to be some issue with the plant replenishing moisture. I thought it might be high temps but you said mid 60's.
  12. The roots look nice and white, had a prob with prev plant root rot, but got new buckets for this grow. I just dont know how to get the buds to look like the ones online, they just look skinny and small yields.
  13. the pics you shared have almost no leaves on em.... did they discolor and fall off throughout the grow?
  14. Those are pics of already done plant, I cut off all the fan leaves and hung up to dry, the leaves left are close to the buds and I left on cuz did not want to cut to close to buds. The last pic is of plant have growing now. All others all hanging to dry
  15. then we def need some more pics of your plants still growing. The dione plant shows nothing but thatthe buds are airy and small as you say. I'd really like to help you out bro, lets see what we can do. how old is that 150 watt bulb?
  16. Just bought the light in May but did not start using until June, so not that old. Thx for ur help, I jus dont know what doing wrong , not getting the yields i want ??
  17. thats why we need as many good pics throughout grows as possible. Will def help narrow things down as all components thus far seem to be in order
  18. what do you think could be the prob, roots seem fine, using all the nutes, keeping ph & temp in check, seems to be growing ok just not filling up with buds???
  19. are the plants grown from bagseed? could partially be shitty genetixs but should still grow better then that
  20. nah thats why so frustertrating!! Its the good stuff is Afghan Kush Ryder seeds from Attitude Seed bank

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