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Need help! Gram of dro $25?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Angel_Dust, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. im new to the marijuana world, but my friend said that a guy he knows is goin to get him a GRAM of GOOD DRO for $25....i told him to ask the guy if he could get me a gram too but i just wanna make sure if it's a good deal.....so is it?

    btw how much is a gram(remember im an idiot)? picture would help =)


    :smoking: Angel Dust :smoking:
  2. No that is not worth it,
    $20 a gram is the max you should ever pay
    for $25 you should get a half 1/8th of dank, thats 1.75 grams...
  3. my friend told me that his friend said" 20 for the shitty dro and 25 for the good shit" but i don't know if there's a diffrence do u?(is there a such thing as good shit) how many bowls in a gram?
  4. Nope, you are getting ripped off. Plain and simple.
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    Yea, but let help AngelDust since your new to this, $25 a gram is a rip off for any bud even headies. $20 a gram at the most, and if you buy more dealers will usually cut a lil bit maybe 15-17 depending on how cool they are.

    If its shitty bud don't pay $20 a gram, if it has seeds, and it has rough feeling..no visible crystals on it don't buy it, just get a dime sack or some shit. Also remember hydro just a different way its grown, nothing to do with quality.

    I remember I got some "Hydro" it wasn't bad stuff. Whoever grew it had Super huge stems, and paper thin density. A 2.5 nugg lasted a night, or so man I was soo pissed.
  6. alright thx ima start another thread right quick
  7. Yeah dont pay that
  8. 1.75 is a 16th, an eigth is 3.5g's

    and yes $25 a gram is a huge rip, like Igloo said you should be getting at least 2 grams if not more.
  9. In some places thats kind of standard. I pay that sometimes but its got to be bomb.
  10. thats why he said a half 1/8th:rolleyes:

    also ya as others have said $25 is way to much for a gram, just check it out if its smells pretty good, seedless (one or two isn't so bad) and has visible crystals and it's not to stemmy i would try and talk him down to $20 for the good stuff, also read up on some of the guides here, if you sound like you know what your talking about then your much more likely to get a better deal

  11. Half 1/8th and 16th are the same thing smarty-pants
  12. There not your friends. tell them to fuck off.

    20+ a gram is bullshit, I don't care how good it is.

    I'm dealing with that shit right now for anything smokable, and I but a bit, but its really not worth it.

    Chances are they have one kind of weed. the diffrence is how much you pay, and the placebo. and chances are if they call it "shitty dro" it sucks balls, dro my ass.
  13. Only pay 25$ for strain name buds, If I want to try a strain I haven't had I will pay 25 a gram happily. As long as it is what I pay for, legit well grown buds perfectly cured with a high to match.
    I've been smoking on some amazing sour diesel, expensive but worth the high.
  14. 20 a bone max all day $25 is a no.
  15. u in Canada?

  16. Nope. west texas, and before this, central maine.
  17. u must be gettin deals if you get the exotic for less than 20 i cant get exotic no less than 15
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    alright so hears what ima tell this guy" 20 dollars for a gram at the most if you want 25 then you got to give me 1.75/ almost 2 grams" hows that sound?

    o.o btw i live in san antonio =)
  19. depends where you live but where im from and in most places thats a rip off pretty much but my friend who lives in jersy was telling me how they pay 420 for an ounce, and 20 dollars for .8 and that was the standard there which is just beyond me.

    but do what you want i picked up really really shitty weed for $30 for a halfe just because i was imdidadted and really didnt know good weed from bad weed.
  20. thats how prices run when pple trying to make money.. really that basic prices here if you dont know nobody. you can catch a bra on the strip having .8 n full blunts for $20.

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