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  1. So I've been checking out the local head shops to add some new glass to my collection. The problem is I can only get one. There's this nice ass 3 chamber liquid filled 8inch bubbler n each chamber is filled with different colored liquid. But the bowl is small n the base is tiny too n I haven't purchased a liquid filled pipe before n I'm scared it might break if I freeze it. On the other hand there is a huge double chamber bubbler with a giant base n good sized bowl it's looks nice as well it's black, white, n clear swirled glass n orange coiled down stem. Or should I just get a cheep bong? which one should I get?
  2. I'd pick the 2 chamber bubbler because of the bowl size. My bubbler has a small bowl so its sucks when I use it in a group but perfect alone.

    So it really depends how much you smoke alone and with friends.
  3. I wouldn't trust a wonky liquid filled pipe, or a liquid filled pipe in general, seems like a gimmick.
    and while double chambered pieces look cool personally I don't like the way they hit so I avoid them; but my advice would be to get a simple mini straight tube or beaker; if your head shops know whats up you should be able to find pretty nice bongs like that for like 60 bucks.

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