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Need help getting a med card for adhd

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Wonderskunk, May 21, 2010.

  1. So ever since i was young i have allways had problems consentrating at school and my marks showed but when i had classes that i liked i would get 90's but all my otherr classeswere around the 60 % mark so my parents started getting me tested from a very young age like 6 years old when the dr told my parents was that i have ADD and ADHD and that the reason for me getting good grades was that i have hyper focus so they then at the age of 7 going in to grade 2 i was put on rittalin and it kinda worked for a while but then i started to get hyper cause i was getting a tolerance for it and i would also get tummy pains problems sleeping but i was on rittalin for the next 5 years but when i was 12 i started to rebel and stoped taking my meds and my parent started to fined ways to help me learn to deal with my atention span i have found many ways to cope with this with out ritalin but i still had hard times dealing with all the things in school i found boaring then when i was 14 i was introduced to pot and i found that it had alot of the same calming affects as rittalin aswell it helped me stay in my seat in school with out getting agitated
    towards the end of highschool my parents found a ADHD center and i went to see how my test compared to my ones when i was young
    sso i proceded to do a little social exparament on my self at the center they hooked up pads to my head and would put me infront of a computer and they monitered my brain paterens as i did certain task on the computer so what i did since i went once a week for 2 months i started with going in with nothing in my system such as pot or rittalin then the next week i got sum rittalin from a buddy same dose i was taking and i found that it did help wwith concentration and keeping me on task but i found that it only lasted for half hr or so (my sessions were a hr long ) then the next week i went in stoned on 2 bong hits and i found that when i sat in the seat and did the task and when i sat in front of that computer and seeing my brain waves keep on track for the full HR i knew i had found my med not rittalin and the big thing for me is that not only did pot help me stay in the zone of a task longer and did not keep me up at night (but it puts me to sleep) and no tummy pains ....

    sorry for the ramble as u can tell by my spelling and gramer i had problems in school but i am 28 now and have a good job and living the dream life in BC canada

    so my question for u guys (if your still reading )

    can any one relate to my situation and help me fined out how i can go about going to get my med card in BC CANADA
  2. Hon, getting medical cannabis in Canada is no walk in the park! Go over to and talk to the folks there! If there is a way to do it, they will know!

  3. Good luck! I use 2 hits every morning to control my moderate ADD. I am far more productive and proactive at work than I have ever been and I can actually sit down and have a real conversation without getting bored and tuning the person out.
  4. thanks granny one of the things that started me thinking about this was that magazine i have the copy that is about
    "Endocannabinoid system dysfunctions and adhd"

    i think i can get it based on my medical history and treatment type things i as well as my parents have done for my adhd and what i have read on the canadian medical website but i think i am looking at a big up hill battel and a long prosess

    but i think im game for the chalenge
  5. Hello,

    I am set to move back to Vancouver in a few weeks, and I am interested in how your case for mmj unfolds.

    Have you checked out the Dispensary website?

    About the Vancouver Dispensary Society |

    From my understanding, you only need a confirmation of diagnosis to qualify for membership. I'm not sure if you can grow your own, or if you are just eligible to purchase MMJ from them

    I myself have been diagnosed with anxiety and mild depression. Recently over the past year I've been having insomnia symptoms.

    I plan on making a Dr. appointment and bringing the proper documentation and hoping for the best.
  6. thanks foor that link
    when i looked at it i was stoked to see ADHD at the top of the list so i have a friend whos dad is a dr and he is going to refer me to a dr here in vancouver and i also have tones of past med history supporting that i am a true suffere
    so i hope that i get this it would be cool if i could grow legaly but just to beable to hold pot would be allright in my books
  7. No prob, glad to help!

    Hope everything goes smooth in your quest. I"m still not sure about being able to grow, but just being able to hold and have a convenient place to get it would help.

    Keep me posted on how it goes, as I know I'll be attempting to do the same thing myself.

    I'm also hoping that because I'm a mature adult (at 32) that my doctors don't see me as someone who just wants to get high, in all actually I think I have too many things to do to get high for fun, i just want to relax and sleep without worries!

  8. see i am wondering if getting it will put "eyes" on me cause i dont grow alot i just grow what i like and what helps me ie og kush and nebula and kandy kush.
    so if getting it will be more heat then its worth cause getting weed here is not hard and its far for me to go to van to get to the dispencery but i want to be able to hold with no worries when i go out
    kinda a catch 22 i think
  9. yea..from the more I look into it, I think it just allows you to buy from them. I think in order to grow legally you need a card...but i'm not 100% sure.

    I'm big on any indica, knocks me right out and puts my mind on pause.

    If you are quiet about your grow, I used to grow about three plants at a time, I think you will be ok, especially in BC.

    Let's just hope s-10 doesn't pass. Even if it does, i don't think it will affect pot availability in the province.

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