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  1. my problem..

    i just bought a new bulb today its a

    125 watt cfl its massssive lol i didnt realize it was going to be so big to be honest

    so my problem is i dont have a fitting for it and i have looked every where can any body send a link for a fitting please i have pics so u know what i mean.. im clueless about these things and dont know what the fitting will be called ..

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    its a E40 screw fitting, google it.
  3. The fitting is an Edison screw (ES). But they come in a standard size and a small size. Without a ruler in the pic it is hard to see what yours is.
    You should be able to get a fitting from B&Q.
  4. i honestly went everywhere in town i could think of and still.. nobody has them no body even has the light itself luckily i found a hydrophonics shop what ad recently moved from where i knew i was but i thought they moved 4 good turns out they moved a few mile away from me ha.. duno y i jus gave u tht story lol the cap its self is about an inch n harf from side to side but i have 1 on its way now so its cushii.. cheers anyway

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