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Need help from seasoned tokers.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ilovearboles, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Ok so i stopped smoking to sober up for a job that pays $10.00 an hour at a golf course.
    BUT my friend just got Bag of some dank trees and I'm tempted to smoke.

    Question: If i smoke today will it be out my system by next week?

    Important info: Last time i smoked was last month on the 31st. I'm a pretty skinny guy with a fast metabolism.Also I've been drinking nothing but water and i plan on going running this whole week.

    weight: around 120

    thanks :wave:
  2. I do not know how you can be 5'11 and weigh 120 pounds because that is insane, but you should be fine within a week.
  3. Its an estimate, also I lost a lot of weight in the past few weeks because ive been sick and i also go running a lot if that answer your question haha :smoking:
  4. I think your best strategy is the morning of the test take your first piss then drink a lot of water piss again then continue to drink water the morning of the test. The idea being to be diluted and as far from your first piss of the day as possible because thc metabolites build up overnight. Take the test in the afternoon if at all possible but... with a week warning i wouldnt sweat it much
  5. Thanks keep coming with the input :hello:
    If i keep getting the same responses im gonna spark a bowl in about an hour :smoking:
  6. Well that really depends. I think you should be safe assuming it's just a piss test/mouth swab. What I would suggest is smoke a lot, then go on a diet that is very low on fatty foods, drink a lot of water and actually drink some alcohol (alochol makes you pee), then you should be fine. If it's a blood or hair test tho I think you'd be fucked.
  7. forgot to mention its a piss test AND i cant take it a whatever time
  8. Why would you risk not getting a JOB over smoking one bowl? The choice between having a steady income due to a decent job (and having the opportunity to smoke anytime you want, after said job is secure) and being high for the second half of today is an obvious choice for me. Even though it's a small risk, I don't see the logic.

    You've already waited a week and a few days, a few more days won't kill you.
    Plus your tolerance will be lower :)
  9. I'm not saying to go ahead and do it, so don't take this that way. But I'm 5'7 and was 120 pounds for the longest time (recently started gaining a little) and I never had to stop for more than 6 or 7 days and I've never failed a drug test.
  10. yo bro, what part of the golf course are you working for? Because i'm on turf care (mowing, trimming, keepin the place nice).

    If your course is anythign like mine, lots of the turf care guys smoke. Its more of a challenge NOT to during work. Anyways good luck. Golf courses are killer.
  11. The course I am going to work for isn't testing me and im working carts
  12. If you only have to wait a week, don't risk a freaking job on weed.

    Just wait.
  13. I'm 6'3" and about 130.

    Having a fast metabolism is amazing. Make sure you still drink plenty of water and try to get exercise up until the day before the test.
  14. Damn you guys are hella skinny and shit. I thought I was skinny and I'm 6'0 and 180 pounds.
  15. Yea, you should be fine in a week. Just remember to get the sample mid-stream. Less water there and it won't look like you've been trying to flush your system.
  16. I feel ya man!! I am 5'8 and 165 pounds. Y'all need to eat a juicy fucking t-bone!!
  17. ^^ is exactly dude. theres no point in taking a risk especially after youve be patient, just wait till you get the job and smoke all the bud you want with the pay check youll be getting if you dont smoke.
  18. if your 5'11 120 pounds then by all means smoke a ton & eat cause your anorexic.
  19. depends how long youve been smoking for before you stopped....if its been everyday for more than 2-3 months than i wouldnt risk it cuz it takes about a week to get that outta your system......

    shit, doc told me its gonna take at least 2-3 months for my body to be THC free....
    good thing i only got a few more weeks to go.:ey:

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