Need help figuring out missing piece!

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  1. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg 1.) not sure if posting in right place, sorry!
    2.) not even sure I'm using the right words lmfao
    3.) moved into a new house, found what I think is either a bong or a bubbler that's missing a piece, need some help figuring out what/where to get the piece. I only ever roll one or use a bowl, so idk what the parts of a bong or bubbler are.
  2. Looks like it's missing the downstem and bowl

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  3. It's medicinally legal where I live, and I think it was recently passed recreationally, do you think if I take it into a shop they can help me out?
  4. Idk how strict or lax they are in legal states so I have no idea... you could take a pic though and bring it in... it honestly just looks like it takes a regular little cheap downstem found in every smokeshop

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  5. i cant know the exact size but the part you will have to buy looks like/is like this [​IMG] you might wanna buy more than one at once if you can, since you said you are not experienced with bongs. because i learned in a bong just like that one and broke the bowl fast on it hehe.

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