need help diagnosing a promlem with 1st grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by myeden420, May 30, 2019.

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    Hey guys so I am on the first grow got a few auto flowers going so most are actually looking really healthy but 2 look like total crap. so I have a idea about it but I have read sooo much stuff lately it all gets confusing and still like I said new to growing so diagnosing issues well I could learn more for sure would any of you guys take a look at the pics and let me know what you think it might be??? THANKS GUYS!!

  2. What's your pH?
  3. I am using advanced nutrients micro grow and bloom PH PERFECT I was told when I use this that the best thing to do is PH it to about 6 and then the nutes have "micro beads" that activate to keep the ph "perfect"
  4. Do you ever check the pH of your res? I have no experience with Advanced nutes but I think if I were running dwc that I would check it regularly.
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  5. ok so apparently you guys were right I check the PH and it was too high so I guess this "perfect PH" crap is just that...I think I am just going to continue to check it 2 times a day and see where it goes from the pics I posted the first pic that one seems to be looking a lil better....the 2nd pic that one the bottom leaves are pritty bad but the rest are fine....should I cut off the dead leaves?? I am using auto flower seeds and I read a lot about not cutting or breaking them even for training isn't good cause they don't have a lot of time to not sure if I should cut these leaves off or not???
  6. Those plants are too small to be cutting anything off of them.
    What's the temp of your res?
  7. ok no cutting! good call thanks! so somehow in reasearching before I bought everything somehow I missed the fact that the water res needs to be colder than the air....just found this out and through another post I put up someone helped with the idea to put the dwc buckets in a big plastic tote fill with water around the buckets and toss in ice packs....I litterly just got the totes and set everything up just threw in some ice pack but it will take a few of them and and a hour or 2 to cool everything down I am told anything under 70 for the water and say 76-ish for the air think the brown spots on the leaves could be cause the water was the same temp as air??
  8. hey mick I sent you a message (I think if I did it right) let me know if it went through
  9. Yes I got it. You really didn't ask a question so I didn't reply.
    The 3 things that require daily monitoring when growing in DWC are: pH, Ec, and res temps. Keep those correct and you won't have any problems growing in DWC.
    Good luck.

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