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Need help deciding on a new piece.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ericKTPQ, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. I know this is an age old question, but do i buy a new bong, or go with a vaporizer instead? I want more than just the typical "its really up to you man" answer, either. So here's some background information, i'm twenty years old, and i've been smoking since i was roughly 15. first time i was 14, but didnt get frequent until i was about 16. its been everyday for almost three full years now. ontop of that, ive also smoked cigarettes since i was 16, roughly 1-2 packs a day, you'd be surprised how far a beard can get you. so my lungs are getting shot, so i'm looking for a vaporizor, but i also love my bongs too much. I have a foot and a half straight tube, and i also have a magic flight launch box. so i already have my experience in both areas, but i'm just confused as to what my next investment should be. i either want a DB vape, or this huge beaker bottom from medicali at the shop across from my house. if i remember correctly the bong was $250 but the dude talked about a special and a certain percentage off so i think they'll both come out to the same price in the end. I love the DB vape though and how much it'll save me, but i feel like my main want in the DB, is to use the AVB for BHO, mixed amongst stems and regular weed sprinkled in here and there. So do i go healthy with a vape, or decently healthy with a huge beaker botttom? the medicali is like probably 3 feet big and the label is PRINTED on rasta. holds probably a two liter of water for a good level, just eyeing it. i also have a medical ash catcher i picked up about two years ago thats rasta too, so it's like destiny, but the ash catcher is in cursive. still a dope match though. either way i appreciate the long read, if you read this, sorry for the ramble, but i stopped frequently in writing this to hit "The Hulk", that's my bong :smoking:
  2. Are you dead set on a bong or a vaporizer? Because you could always just have a cool bubbler or sherlock to mess around with but if not then id go with another bong probably because im pretty biased against vaporizers... on a side note: i used to have a green label roor with a big ass green bowl that looked like a fist... named it "The Incredible Hulk" hence the usernamer :p
  3. Im pretty much set on a bong or vape. I have small spoons and a small bubbler, but the whole problem is i love the head hitting-ness of a bong. Just RIPPING it delivers like no other. i like vape highs, but a bong delivers. ive used a bong a lot more though so i'm a bit biased, thats why i asked for help. but honestly i'm kinda set on a bong i'm just deciding on percs or not now, and how many. that allows to much drag sometimes and its not as good of a hit. anyone would agree theres a difference between ripping a 3 foot straight tube vs. one with percs. so i'm just worried about drag and the extra cleaning, i know it gave a friend trouble from time to time. i might just side with the medicali beaker bottom if its still across the street, ill check tomorrow. it has no percs and im fine with that, like i said i have my ALMOST matching ash catcher. they're both rasta but the bongs in print, and the ash catchers in cursive. and honestly dude my bong now that i'm using, the hulk has been around a long time. the original owner worked at the headshop he bought it from for 10 years, and owned it for about 3 years. then it went to my best friend who had it for 2 years, and ive had it about a year now. its a nice phire, about a foot and a half i reckon. but the hulk destroys me still. i just hate that i can milk him no problem, like dirty milk.
  4. Well you could do both. There is an attachment available for dbv that allows you to use a bong. YouTube has some videos on it.

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