Need help - criminal possession of a forged instrument third degree

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr. M, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. What the hell is a forged instrument? You running a Stradivarius knock-off ring?
  2. Oh my fucking god, that was hilarious, and I'm not even high.

    You sir, are fucking hilarious.
  3. Did the cops find your fake Michael Phelps signed RooR? I've never heard of such a charge.
  4. "A FORGED INSTRUMENT means a written instrument
    which has been falsely made, completed or altered. ​
    4 The words
    "written instrument," "falsely made," "falsely completed," and
    "falsely altered" used in the definition of "forged instrument" also
    have their own special meanings.
    A written instrument means any instrument or article [
    including computer data or a computer program] containing written
    or printed matter or the equivalent thereof, used for the purpose of
    reciting, embodying, conveying or recording information, or
    constituting a symbol or evidence of value, right, privilege or
    identification, which is capable of being used to the advantage or
    disadvantage of some person.

    A written instrument can be either complete or incomplete.
    A complete written instrument means one which purports to
    be a genuine written instrument fully drawn with respect to every​
    essential feature thereof."

    Ok you have my attention. Out with the story.

  5. A forged insturment is any thing false I.E, Passport, ID, Green Card, Money, Car tags etc.

    That said...
    A better story would help.
  6. Story,

    5 of my buddys met at a local beer and smoek were we knew the owner so he could get us beer. Walked in and out no problems, have beer in the car. We go to taco bell b4 a party, my other freind who followed us to the taco place was behind us, so my one freind jumped out of the car during the drivethrough, and hoped in and ordered trhoguh my freinds car beacuse he had a creditcard and wanted to pay seperate cause we were cash. we stoped in the parkering, I DIDNT THROW OUT GARBAGE, myfreinds threw it out the window, undercover cops roll up. 4 dts come out. cops tellt he driver to get out, then, everyone else to get out. my wallet was in in the seat .I was sitting in the back, and the was beer in front of me so they asked me for my id, and i had an id and he noticed that i had a another "fake id". it was a photocopy of my freinds permit infront of the real permit except i change 1989 to 88 or somthing, i never used it to but the beer. or ne thing. cop takes it, and starts asking were i got the beer, did i use it to buy them beer. ect. I honostly didnt, but he wanted to know where the beer came from.

  7. i think ull be okay, people get caught with fake ids all the time
  8. thanks

    as long as the fees stay under 1000$ i really dont care.
  9. ROFL that's what I thought.

  10. You REALLY need to talk to an attorney and not rely on an Internet forum full of anonymous people to get important legal advice.
  11. oh well see the story really clears things up i thought u had forged doctor papers
    ya know like to get vicodin and stuff like that
  12. You'llbe fine. Get a lawyer. DO NOT ACCEPT A PUBLIC DEFENDER FOR ANY REASON. (trust me I know first hand.)

    Really in the grand scheme of things, this is all but a nothing. Any lawyer worth his degree should be able to get you off a easy as possible.
  13. Yes, that is probably why you are being charged.

    Way to hand an altered ID to a police officer. :hello::D
  14. Aye, kudos!

  15. lol i didnt, the cops found the wallet i stuffed it under the seat were my freinds scale was and he didnt find the scale just my walleti was bugggggggggginnnnnnn. i was just shakken up dude, i wrote it littaurly like hours after it happened. shell shocked.

    all i care about is my record and thats not how i wanted to start my life. class a misdomeinor for a stupid ass thing

  16. Man I have to disagree I had a legit P.D. before. Went to trial and he made a witness cry and tell the truth. Got me off on everything.
  17. Shit that's a crime?
    Glad I never used mine.

  18. dude, if u were there u whould understand why i have been so pissed and depressed lately, why me, why did undercover cops think my cousin was a drug dealerrrrrrrr.

    honostly like i said, if i could get outta this with probation and nothing on my record ill will praise the good lord.

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