Need help!come on fellow smokers help me out!!

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  1. Hey guys ,grown a few times in coco, dirt and recirculating system.
    I wanted to try rdwc,bad choice but i heard the best results are achieved.
    Im using 2 x single pot 28 litre(i have ano ,currently just running two,im using nutrifeild nutrients (sticking to the bottle) also running cyco silcia gel
    plants(critical mass cbd seedsman) are about 3weeks old.
    So anyways got the info out of the way .
    I had one get algae (fixed the problem).
    Ph levels were going up and down like crazy but got it to stabilize now,but my leaves are yellow on the end ,using a mix of spring water and tap water .(couldnt get demineralized water,got it now thou).

    Tried adding more Nitrogen which has mag and cal in it .
    Whats wrong with them?
    (Iron deficiency ‍‍♂️)
    Honestly any suggestions as rdwc is completely new to me and stressing me out but i aint giving up on king and kong (yeah i name them )

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  2. Also thought could be nitrogen but my ph levels were so of chart it wouldnt be able to draw any? Added more water also while take more out(demineralized i added) dont know guys need some wisdom
  3. I hope you find these to be very helpful​


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  4. Dwc u run into ph problems my read. Calibrate ur meter. Pay attention too what ur water is right out of the tap. Good ref point when determining if u meter is off. I'm a soil guy! So not familiar with what happens with dwc

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  5. Yeah im thinking going back to coco ,but ill have abit more of play and just see how they turn out hopefully good
  6. i hate dwc for many reasons . your plant is starved . your roots could be rotted or just nutrient starved .
    throw them out use soil or coco problem solved
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  7. On dwc, your water temp/ph are first and foremost. If you dont have those right and under control, then
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  8. If you have good ppm and pH levels, and no CalMag need, then any good fertilizer should produce good results, if you don't over-feed.
    To fix problems, we must know:
    1. ppm of starting water (and whether it's 500 scale)
    2. ppm of reservoir
    3. pH of reservoir
    Without keeping track of these things, any form of hydro is difficult.
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