Need help clones dying

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  1. Need help urgent

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  2. Don't cut the leaves on clones, it does more harm than good. Other than that, whats the problem?
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  3. I took the domes off they started doing this also the guy who soaked the cubes used a hydro mix so idk if I'm battling these clones getting burned or if there is bug or bacteria I'm not aware of also they haven't been drying that well
  4. Temp? Humidity? Did you use rooting hormone? How long they been in there? Any roots on any of them yet?
  5. Temp in the room is around 75 and the humidity is at like 60 I'm trying to bring it up but they are wet and I don't wanna cause root rot .. no roots comming through the bottom but I seen some going thru the hole in the Rockwood I don't put the clone in the hole I do it next to it .. also I used clones rooting gel
  6. Any ideas ?
  7. Clones will discolor as they use stored nutrients in the leaves (that's why cutting the leaves is no good), The idea being that they establish new roots in order to uptake nutrients before they deplete those stored in the leaves. Wait longer, keep the humidity up, when you see roots, transplant.
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  8. Thank u I appreciate it I'll keep u posted about what happens do u have any tips for getting the clones to dry out a little bit
  9. With no dome, they will dry out quickly.
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  10. Hi!
    Finally I saw some discussion about cloning. I'd like to ask experienced growers whether it's better to choose seeds or clones for the first time.
    I've read a lot of discussions here and I see over and over again that most people face problems with cloning. And in general, I have a certain prejudice that I can harm the plant by cloning. But at the same time I understand I'll save money and my time doing thing
    In general about seeds I was thinking about feminized seeds or autoflowers

    I can't find any specific honest advice from person on the Internet about which is better, so help me pls:)
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  11. I find it easier to get my clones started than seeds??? :confused_2: & once they have roots the clones R way ahead of the game growth wise & U know the sex & what it will smoke like (mostly). That said I have all my eggs in one basket with 2 non fem'd seeds That I crossed (accidently) from grease monkey/Candy Margy. fingers crossed they aren't 2 males.
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  12. For your first grow start with seeds. Clones can come with all sorts of nasty bugs, spores, and viroids. Unless you have a trusted source for clean cuttings, seeds are much less risky.

    Regular seeds are usually cheaper, but you'll want to plant at least 2 for every female plant you want. For this reason feminized seed is preferred if you have limited veg space.

    Autos are good if you can't control light leaks or have a limited outdoor season, but I'd start with photos so you can learn to clone. Once you know how it makes more sense to buy clones.
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  13. BUY CLONES??? The main purpose of clones for me is that they are free when U do the work. Grow 1 plant & you have free clones, or make it into a mother plant. Bugs/spores/viroids come from the soil/environment as far as I know.
  14. My thought is, if you're going to keep a plant as a mother and continue to clone and grow it, it had better meet certain criteria regarding yield, potency, terpenes, ease of trimming, etc. This is why people do pheno hunts with multiple packs of the same strain; to find the absolute best representation of those particular genetics. Not everyone has the resources for a large pheno hunt, so it's often easier to just buy a cutting from someone who has already done the legwork.
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  15. OR they could simply like the plant they choose to clone. Nothing is carved in stone. U can always chose another.
  16. Indubitably, but you never know what you're going to like until you try it.
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  17. U can buy clones? From breeders, or dispensaries? I generally pick cannabis cup winner fem'd photo's but just ordered my 1st auto's.
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  18. From both. There are various places across the net as well, including forums that allow seed/clone trading and sales. I got a cut of GMO from someone on one of them.
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