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  1. So I've been smoking for a few years now and I have a pretty high tolerance. But I want to look for a vaporizer to help conserve bud. What vaporizers would you guys suggest? I'm looking to spend between $100-250 and to get something somewhat portable (so just not a desktop setup) that does dry herb. Maybe concentrates too.

    I looked at the Boundless CFX, is that a good one?

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  2. Anybody?

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  3. I test boundless cfx ! It's very good

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  4. APX makes an excellent, inexpensive, ($60) discreet, portable vape. I have one for dry herb and one for wax. They make one that does both, I prefer to just have one for each.

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  5. for dry herb i use my "grasshopper"
  6. I have the boundless it’s great had it 2 yrs not one problem great battery charges fast life holds a good amount of weed don’t even have to grind it if ya don’t want to can fill it to the rim as well easy to clean only downfall is it’s kinda big
  7. APX and Pax are generally the way to go, with the Pax being a little more expensive. APX has a few different models that are all a pretty good substitute for anything pricier. We sell a lot of APX at my shop for that reason.
  8. I heard some deacent reviews on that one. I might have to check it out. I really want the firefly 2 for its convection oven purpose. Dat price do. Lol
  9. I tried my brand new CFX yesterday afternoon with like 0.4g of Sensi Star. Huge vapor clouds and a lot of coughing! After 3 or 4 hits I was severely stoned I could not even play a videogame, so I spent the afternoon/night watching documentaries, videoclips and a movie (groundhog day) from 8pm till almost 1am hours passed in a breeze!

    I'm amazed with my CFX, my last vapo was a cheap 50E one and the differences are HUGE.
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    Hi bro! highly recommend this site for portable vaporizer reviews - you can choose from price range filters (100$ to 200$ and 200$ to 300$).
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