Need Help, CFL or HPS

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by moobie, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Hello, right now I have a sexy female growing in my closet (2ftx5ftx7ft) with 4 CFLs over hanging her, and another one under her. I have a friend whose willing to sell me a 400watt HPS set up with balast and timer, for 160. I am going to vegging process with these at about 4 weeks, we are trying to make her a big girl :) before we start budding. Would the HPS be too much heat for that closet? And if its not, is that a good deal for the set up?
    Any advice would be helpful! Thanks GC
  2. yes, that would be absolutely too hot for that setup without direct ventilation. you would have to run a cool-tube to an extraction fan out of the room or you'd be looking at 100* temps in a few hours. what brand is the light he's selling? that would help a lot in determining value, if it's just some rigged up ballast and light it's not worth much of anything.
  3. agreed with greenthumb. my 400w mh/hps still gets my closet toastier even with a 4'' inilne hooked up to it. and the brand of the light/ballast setup willl directly determine its value. you can get new 400w hps ballast setups from hgt supply for 119 , but they are shitty.

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