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  1. I just have a couple questions. First, I always see people switching grow boxes from veg. to flowering. Can't I just have a large growbox for both stages and elevate the plant during veg to get closer to the light?

    another question is lights, I want to grow about 2 maybe 3 plants at once each getting to about 3-4 feet. How many watts should i use. CFL lights. I also hear people talking about actual watts. When i look on a package i only see equivalent.

    Last but not least, smell. This is a BIG factor for me. Any tips. And what is a good starter strain with a low smell?

    Thank you.
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    You can certainly switch the lighting in one growbox to 12/12. It's better to raise and lower the lights, it's just easier when the grow is underway. For three plants use about 250-300 actual watts soft white CFLs by the time you are flowering. The bulb's box almost always tells the actual wattage. Keep the bulbs within 3-4 inches of the plants.

    Marijuana plants smell, some more than others but they all smell. there is lots of info on various ways of dealing with that, including ozone generators, negative ion generators, and carbon filters, etc.
  3. for the money you spend on cfls you might as well get a 150-400watt hps... better lighting, bigger yields, same amount of power or less, and same amount of money.. cfls are usually about half as many lumens as a hid lamp. 300watts of cfl = 150watts hid as far as lumens. they are just a cheap way to keep a plant growing not so much when flowering.

    for smell, invest in a good exhaust fan and matching carbon filter, you dont want a fan to pull air too fast through the carbon or it decreases contact time which would make it less effective.
  4. I have have had success with CFLs. For a 2-3 plant grow they are ideal. I grew six plants in a 30" by 40" closet. Yield was over 1/2 pound. I'll be using the same equipment again starting soon, new soil of course.

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