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  1. So I bit my tongue a couple nights ago while I was sleeping and its just a minor sort of bruising and a little cut (that hurts when I eat) but, I have been washing my mouth out a couple times every few hours with mouthwash so I want to know, should I not smoke because of this? My main concern is infecting it or making it worse in any way

    thanks GC!
  2. Nah man, it'll be fine. your tounge is fast healing and its probally mostly healed over by now. If it were your gums you hurt (ie getting wisdom teeth taken out) that would be a diffrent story cuz its much deeper that it could cause a dry socket.
    your fine, just don't play with it
  3. DONT SMOKE! smoking causes explosion of the lips.
  4. This calls for a classic case of:

  5. Tongue is one of the fastest healing parts of the body. When I decided to remove my tongue ring (many years ago) I removed it before going to bed one night. The next morning, the hole was completely gone, and I couldn't put it back in :eek:

  6. Oh My Gosh dude......DAMN skiiiippy! best results i've ever gotten back from the doc.

    -The Duke sir Ernest Charles Weston of Luxembourg

  7. Wow, I completely forgot about that. I remember some girl told me that randomly at a party once way back in high school. If I knew how to +rep you I so would but, theres always next time haha

  8. You already made this thread in another section and already told you to click on -> [​IMG] to add to someones rep.
  9. dude............ure gonna die.
  10. the mouth is actually the most bacteria filled orifice on your body, smoking or not. of course, the human body being the magnificently perfect machine that it is, your mouth also heals wounds faster than anywhere else on your body. you will be fine, keep on tokin
  11. Thanks everyone for posting!!

  12. Thanks for the +rep dude :cool:

    Glad I could help :D

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