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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by MrBipolar, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. What's wrong with my plant? It's completely failing:( I have no Idea what wrong and need immediate help.

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  2. Without a description of your grow its hard to say but just from looking at the pic I would say you have a nute problem(yellow spots on leaves), your soil looks drier than it should and if you havent transplanted it since planting then its possible you have root lock, start w/ nutes and water and if it hasnt improved at least some in 24 hrs i would consider moving it to a larger grow medium. Give a description of what and how and we might be able to help a little more....
  3. It does look a little sad, def hard to say without knowing anything about your grow.
  4. I first planted it in a mix of miricle grow and some clay I got from a friend that is supposed to help prevent root compaction. I transplanted it to that pot when it was a little less than a foot tall, into the same mix of soil and "clay stuff". I have some perlite now an I'm wondering if it would be cold to just transplant into that. I don't really know though. What do yu think? This is also my first grow.

    P.S. I started with a seed not a clone, if that helps any.
  5. are using Miracle grow for nutriens? And if it is a seed then who knows, it could just be a defect in the genes.
  6. yeah i would try it in a bigger grow medium, mine are growing in MG and if you look at my post on the same page you will see they r fine, i still think it might be root lock, post is first grow 2013 and is right around your post

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