NEED HELP ASAP! Leaves curling inwards very droopy(pics and info)

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    I dont know what could be the issue here, everything was fine before but the past week or so the leaves have been curling inwards and i dont know what the cause is some info....indoor, 1000w hps, foxfarm soil, fox farm nutes, 3rd week of flowering, strain is trainwreck...if this has happened to you or you know what the cause is then please PLEASE let me know how to fix it...I have a pic of it too and will upload another when my server lets me. here are the links to the pics

    thank you!
  2. Doesnt anybody know what could be wrong here?:(
  3. hey dude well it doesnt seem like a nute problem or a feeding problem as such is your light too close to them if so move it away, the other thing i found it might what be called a lack of boron here is the link to a site i found that might help. you could try fluching your plant with ph balanced water hope this helps
  4. Lack of boron? Its hard to tell from your pics, but is there any burning/yellowing/crisping on the leaves also? If so, it can be several things, all of which can be helped by flushing and adding nutes at 1/3 strength. When leaves curl under or down without any other problems, its likely a phosphorus deficiency. Magnesium deficiency, on the other hand, causes leaves to curl upwards. Like I said, a flush should clean things out, and get you back on the right track. Also, make sure your Ph isn't out of whack, that could cause another issue entirely.
  5. To me this looks like it could be from too much nitrogen. Taken from

    "Now for having too much nitrogen in your growing mediums or soil. Theplant will have like an overall DARK green look and have delayedmaturity. Due to Nitrogen being involved in vegetative growth, to muchnitrogen will result in tall plants with weak stems. New growth will bevery lively and plant transpiration will be high, but not always.Nitrogen toxicity can be seen when there are very very dry conditionsalmost as if there was a drought, which may show a burning effect. Ifyou give your plants ammonium based nutrients they may show NH4+toxicity, which will show a smaller plant growth and lesions that occuron stems and roots, leaf margins that will roll downward. Also the bigfan leaves will have “the claw” look. The tips will point down but theleaves will stay up as if when you bend your fingers downwards. Leavescan be twisted when growing… mainly new growths. Roots will be underdeveloped along with the slowing of flowering. Yields will bedecreased, because to much nitrogen in early stages of flowering slowsdown bud growth. Water uptake is slowing down from the vascularbreakdown of the plants as well. Too much potassium and nitrogen willlock out calcium as well."

    I would try a flush and cutting down on the nutes. Are you fertilizing at full strength?

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