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  1. hey well my sister just smoked a bowl pack from my bowl. like one bowl pack.. she says she started feel weird.. like she was trippin. she got the lagg. like when you mover your hand across your eyes and it lags.. also she feels like shes buggin.. like the bugd eyes you get.. she said i had it the whole time we were talkin.. idk how im high.. from weed not trippin.. my sister is 20 and she has done almost every durg.. her drug of choise is weed mdma and cid.. ple painckillers and such.. tripp a numerous amount. the weed she smoked was my weed.. im her brother.. i bought an ouce of it like 4 days ago.. i smoked most of it, it was some nug.. high grade mids.. low grag headies.. when i smoked it i would just get prety high.. and like shes discribing.. and thoughts or idea.. she says shes freakin out...but not in the really bad way
  2. Say huh?
  3. lol.. ppl. my bad. im pretty high and i tryed to type it fast.. then when you said taht i re read it and i feel retarted
  4. Idc pics of sis.
  5. she's just more of a thc noob then she's letting on. sounds to me she just got too high (if that's possible)
  6. Tits or gtfo/
  7. muahahahahahaha.
  8. Oh, yeah? That's a lot of durgs.

    You realize there's countless "active" substances, right? Doing "almost every durg" is virtually impossible.

    You may delete this thread now, unless nude photographs of aforementioned sibling will be provided.

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