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  1. The new growth at the top of my cannabis plant is turning yellow I went into flower about a week ago changed my nutrients from 400 ppm up to 700 ppm my pH is 5.8 I run a RDWC system with a 600 W light can anybody help me[​IMG]y[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Please tell me thats not you in your profile picture.
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  3. Stop being so concerned this is the coolest 7 year old I've ever seen
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  6. That looks like some sort of nutrient burn or maybe even a nitrogen deficiency but im a n00b. Also don't let LVMPD bust you
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  7. I am licensed and license to grow 12 plants so they can try
  8. But I am wondering if you were right about the nutrient burn because the only thing different I did was up the nutrient straight
  9. How far above the plants is your light?

    How long have they been under the 600?

    Is it hot at canopy level?
    (Put your hand at the top of the canopy & hold it there for a few minutes. If your hand is getting pretty warm, raise your light up a little).

    Did you switch to flowering nutes when you upped it to 700ppm?

    What nutes are you using?
  10. Been running the 600 Watt metal highlight since I started growing from seed so 2 1/2 months are so switch to HPS about for five days ago light is about 2 1/2 to 3 foot away from the plant nutrients I'm running is nutrients of the gods temperature in the room is 72 humidity is 35
  11. And I am using ro water
  12. Nutrients is nectar of the gods
  13. Plants still need veg nutes the first couple weeks of flowering since they stretch so much.

    Looking like nitrogen Def.

    Keep them vegging nutes until you notice the stretching stop
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