Need HD Grow Room or Bud Short Vid ( 5 sec )

Discussion in 'General' started by grow59195, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Hey guys,
    So im building a website and I need some short clips of a big grow room. But it has to be High res like 1080p.
    I have tried to find some stock video footage but its all wanting 80$ or something for shots that arnt even what I want.  Imagine something like what paypal does for there site. That nice clear video when you first get to there site. I want the same thing with a grow room or some leaves in the wind.
    I might have to go get a camera and do it myself, but if someone could help me out that would be awesome. Or if you know where I can get some?
    Its important that its the highest of quality of video. But I don't need more then 10 seconds, multiple different shots of buds and of the setup would be nice. That way I can have  a different one when you come to the site


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