Need hash oil, veggie glycerin recipe

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  1. Newbie here. I have used tons of different cannabis products. My favorite are the hash oil, Vape pens. Don't wanna spend 40 bucks a pop on the juice. Anyone have any recipes on how to make it myself? Tips welcome! Thanks Grasscity, keep chiefing.
  2. Your going to spend $40 by the time you make the hash oil and then the mix for the cartridges..
  3. Yeah but he can make it more potent or put the hash oil direct if you have a really good e-cig mod with adjustable Temps , I put straight RSO and CO2 oil in my mini E-Vic all the time with no issues , the adjustable heat is great for diffetent thickness of oils . Gives good hits and i can put about 4 gs in which last me over a mth using several times a day 4 hits each time
  4. Hard oils won't work well though as it will harden between uses
  5. I can't speak for BHO, but I have been having a great time with my alcohol extracted cannabis oil (QWISO, QWET, RSO). The more clean the oil, the better. I just warm it a bit and mix about 50/50 with some Kosher PG/USP. Stays well mixed for a week or two. I just make it up as I need it.

    If you really want to get your BHO or other concentrates to mix well, even with VG, you will more than likely need to invest in a homogenizer. Even so, I have heard that these mixes only last a couple weeks before separation set in.

    I love vaping this way, especially with sub ohm coils.
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  6. I liked the buzz but I didn't like the idea of mixing my oil , just seems against the whole purpose of making it as pure as possible , plus it irritates my throat so I avoid it now
  7. That is too bad you have had that experience. It could just be you having a reaction to the PG. Although, it could also be that you have not found the right unit to accommodate you. I do see where you are coming from. I just may not be right for everyone.

    I too have had some bad experiences with throat burn and whatnot. I found that different devices and different coils can cause different effects on the way it hits your throat. I want to feel it in my lungs, not my throat. With the Griffin, I have been able to achieve just that, as long as the coil and wick is just right. I can pretty much say the same for the KangerTech square prebuilt 0.5 ohm coils. They work great in my Kanger toptank mini and subtank nano.

    If you can't get e-ciggs to work for you, my next favorite device for non-heat decarbed oils would be the Eclipse Vape hand held or the Vape H2O for water bongs. These units requires two hands, on to hold the unit, the other to operate the torch. I love vaping the concentrate straight. It is really great, especially non-heat decarbed oils. All in all, I think I prefer the e-cannabis method. If you have a good technique and device figured out, I think there is less waste. It seems I get more buzz per gram. Also, the convenience can't be beat. Just push a button and inhale.
  8. Thanks , why not just hot knife it if your using a torch , it's combustion but we did it with oils all the time when I was young . I'm more into a relaxed buzz so smoking on paper or one or 2 hits off a dab pen is fine for me
  9. I hAve a subvod mega tc

    Is there anyway without iso or ever clear ect... It hard to get in australia and would relay love something to put in there..

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  10. This is easy. Don't get raped by shops. Theres are super cut down compared to what you can make. Every cartridge I make costs about $25 in material, including the .5g of wax, the glass cartridge, and the liquid used to melt it all together.

    First you need to look for "Glass CBD cartridge .5ml" on ebay. Make sure you message the seller and confirm the holes are 1.6mm. Your also going to need one of those skinny "bud e touch" batteries. I have some skinny ones with a variable voltage that work really well, but no idea what to search for on ebay. I go directly to the source in china. Your also going to need a syringe with a 14 gauge needle.

    Second you need a distillate. There are tons of companies out there, but I prefer connoisseur concentrates. Its not cheap, but worth it. I'd suggest getting a sample pack of 10 and figuring out what flavor you like. They have ones that are all natural terpenes, but I don't like how they taste. I go for the ones that are artificially flavored with PG like cinnamon toast crunch (favorite), blueberry, and green apples. The PG is only for flavoring, from my understanding the solution is mainly terpenes. BTW stay away from crap like vapuer extracts that is straight PG juice (yuck).

    So you got everything ordered, now what?

    Add 1g of concentrate to that glass vile, add 35% of the weight of concentrate in the liquid distillates

    Mathmatically: 1.0 x 1.35 = 1.35g

    So on the scale your concentrate says 1.0, take the liquid and add it until the scale says 1.35g

    I use a blowtorch on low, but I guess a lighter will do too... Heat everything up. Don't boil it, but let it get hot and swirl it around, at some point you will need a paperclip or something to stir it up. Make sure it is very liquidy and not chunks before you suck it up into the syringe. Suck up about .5ml and squirt it down into the cartridge you bought.

    Let it sit for about 30 mins - 45 mins. The last thing you want to do is hit it right after its filled because the liquid is hot and thin and will suck up in those holes and clog.

    Good luck :)
  11. Yes there is, but I am not the one to ask. i am only familiar with working with alcohol products.
    Something I like to use is 200 proof ethyl. Now it is kind of illegal to have it shipped to Michigan. Not sure what I am going to do. Have looked into making my own alcohol.
    In my opinion, when it comes to alcohol extractions, it must be 99% or higher alcohol for it to show its highest potential.
    I do know that you need to be extremely careful when looking for an alternative solvent. There are many that are very dangerous. I have heard a lot of bad stories about using the wrong kind of naphtha for instance. This is in regards to the safety of ingestion. There is also the possibility of unintentional explosions.
  12. I can get my hands on someones stills run off or something? Its like the first 100ml they toss before diluting it?? would that be suitable or?

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  13. I really do not know. What I do know is that if the alcohol content is less than 99% it can cause problems, especially when the humidity is high.

    If you are planning on doing a heat extraction to make RSO, it wouldn't be as bad due to the heat from the rice cooker evaporating the water. It really depends on what you plan on doing with it in the end. RSO can be vaporized very well too.

    Heat decarbed oil is good for e-cigg style vaping but not so good for straight vaping. For e-cigs, mix the concentrate with some PG/USP.

    All in all, use what you have access to and make the best of it. It may just require some effort to evaporate the water. Start experimenting with small amounts until you know how it is going to react.

    Sorry I can't be more help.
  14. All good ive askd my old boy he recons should it okay to use just for myself. The reason it gets thrown away is it contains residue from the copper pipes in the still, aslong as i reduce it and make rso should be okay for consumption, but i also wanna make tincutures so gonna try just a little without reducinging down to an oil

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  15. You want to use essential oils and PG. PM me for info if you haven't found anything yet.
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    For those looking to use 99-100 proof alcohol but can't find it I've been toying with an idea that I've used in the past to make anhydrous acetone..

    Bake epsom salt in a 400 degree oven for about 2 hours. Mg has a miscibily of about 2g - 1ml... so for every 1ml of water you're trying to remove you need to mix in 2g's of the baked salt.. you'll have to do your own math but should not be too difficult. 40 proof mean 80% ethanol to water ratio so if you have 1000ml's of off the shelf vodka you'll need about 400g's of salt.

    Mix them, let it settle and the good stuff/anhydrous ethanol should be the top layer.

    This is all just theory so far and I hope my little chemistry lesson doesn't violate any rules.

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