NEED: good Info for My Growing Closet and "growing supplies"

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  1. Yea I'm 18... so that implies that I have certain problems (parents) that need to be remedied in order for me to continue with this.... er ... dream. (on second thought I could just move out... but well fuck it... it's so much cheaper right now to just live in the basement. LOL) .... anyway.

    I have a really large closet but I have to make it sort of inconspicuous so therefore I have only alotted a back corner behind some shelves for my "Grow Room". The dimensions are 26 1/2" X 21" X 6' 2". I plan on putting a door or something between the wall and the shelves in order to block everything off. I was just planning on growing 1 plant but if someone says that I'll have enough room to grow 2 then I will probably do just that. There is also a "hanging rod" at the top of the "grow space" which would be a good place to hang a light from.

    For what to put them in I just plan on having 6"X6"X6" pots.

    For Light I was thinking of getting a 400w (HPS). But I was wondering if I would have to worry about starting my parents house on fire with this sort of light. and also what is the maximum limit of plants that can be fully grown with this type of light (just in case for future use when I am growing more plants).

    If anyone has any suggestions of where to get a (HPS) light that would be in suburban Utah (not that I live in Utah or anything... because hell that would be illigal.... wouldn't it? :) ) than that would be helpful. Thanks.

    For the Ventilation I was going to have a PC Fan blowing out hot air at the top of the growspace and then have another one blowing fresh air in from the bottom. I was wondering if this would suffice for the Plants purposes and also for the purpose of keeping the room from bursting into flames from extreme heat.

    Now for the actuall grow space (which will henceforth be called "the garden of eden"... nah j/k... I'll call it "room"). Should I cover the walls in alluminum foil or some other shiny substance so as to maximize my light? Or what could i possibly do to the room to make it better?

    Well it seemed like i had more questions to ask, but hell that's what the reply to Post button is for. So until next time.

    Oh yea and any reply is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Oh yea just remember a question I had about smell and such... Do you think i stink?.... er i mean. What are peoples suggestions to help with the stench of budding n' Flowerin MJ? I heard something about a Carbon Filter... but what the hell is it and -where do I get one/how do i make it?- Then I heard something about vinegar on a plate that seems like it might cover the smell but hell then I'd have vinegar smell to try and think of an explanation too (yea the parent thing again).

    Ok well i think that's all for right now... I'm sure I'll be back with another question or two though. I'll just wait and see how these questions do on the forums for a little bit.

    Alright later,

  2. come on plz i really need this advice.......

    Sorry if the last post was long.
  3. reading now, then I let you know
  4. hmm where to start, what all do I still remember! Well the HPS light is a good idea. Getting a way to prevent smell would be good. with 6' high it should be good, but only about 2 feet in and 2 feet wide? So its like really small but tall? One to two plants I think at the most. Not sure I like growing SOG(sea of green). Because I grow in a attic which is very large but the height is limited to about 4 feet.

    Not really much help but putting this back on top and being "me" posting I am sure more will come follow, lol
  5. Security first...or wait....

    If you grow from a seed,,you will only be able to grow one plant to it's maturity,,in that space...You will end up using a 3-5gal bucket for best results,,,,It will stink,,but things can be done,,such as glade plug -ins,,any exhaust from gro-space will have to go somewhere,,not recycled..

    In that space ,,I would not go more than 250w HPS with a good bulb,,an electronic ballasted unit would be ideal to further reduce heat...As far as your area,,I have no idea,,,but there are many places online you may order from ,,if able..Otherwise Home Depot,,etc...carries smaller watt(up to 250w) HPS security lights that can be used....

    Flat White paint,,is ideal for a reflective surface,,if not able .or desire to paint,,use the flat side of foil towards plants,,if you absolutly must..

  6. If smell is really an issue, try planting a "Northern Lights" strain, very little stink....
    good luck
  7. Also u can put a bowl of vinegar but cover it with a rag or something like that cause it takes the moisture out of thr plants and room.
  8. Thanks for all the reply's so far... they've been helpful. Hope to hear some more good idea's in the future.


  9. Well, I dont know if your parents will dig the same excuse but, I told my parents i bought the seeds at a head shop and they are legal* I told them that there was no thc in the seeds and they were very expensive! If your parents wanna rip them out, tell them you want some cash flow for em* If they dont beleive that the seeds are legal just go online to a seed bank* GooD LuCK*

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