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Need Fire!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by XxAirDalexX, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. All my lighters are out and I need to light this bowl up!

    Any ideas on how to get this bowl lite with out a lighter?
  2. turn stove on. Get butter knife.
    put end of knife on fire/hot surface. wait till red, then put on weed.
  3. All the following ways will talk about getting to the point of lighting a candle, from there, you can choose what to do.

    A lighter is the best idea, but there's many other ways.

    A really good idea would be if you have a 9v batter plus steel wool. Connect these, will burst into awesome flame.

    Flint and steel + tinder.

    Old School method of rubbing two sticks together, search internet for how, much better than any way I could explain.

    Or, make edibles:hello:
  4. Solar Hit :bongin: (Magnifying Glass + Sun)

    Try holding as many lights as you can together and lighting them, the combined butane might be enough to light a candle or something along those lines...
  5. I might try the 9v thing but I have been thinking and do you think a soldering iron would have enough heat to light the weed?
  6. Microwave your bud 3 x 20 seconds.

    Take a dump

    Clean yourself real good

    Grab a condom

    Put condom over fingers

    Pick up microwaved weed and insert into anus, about 2nd knuckle deep (On index finger)

    Be sure bud is secure within anal cavity

    Yes, this will actually get you high.
  7. Yup just make sure it dont have any solder left on it.

  8. Yes but it needs to have a ceramic heating element such as a Hakko.
  9. dude when my lighters go out i take the metal part out and spray some axe on a hard non flamable surface like a glass plate and spark the lighter on the axe untill the axe lights up then i would take a piece of paper and light a candle off that ect.
  10. get two pieces of wood and rub them fast as you can :D
  11. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaj
    Dude that was awesome

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